Complex solution – Logipix successfully combined embedded Video Content Analysis, high-resolution video surveillance and efficient server-client architecture to provide a comprehensive traffic violation detection solution.

Fast and easy verification process – Logipix developed an easy-to-use software, the Violation Management Client in order to process the largest number of violations possible.

Collecting data – The Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution collects data from integrated ANPRs, and connected country-specified vehicle databases and customer-managed lists.

Less cameras along the roads – A single Logipix 20 MP camera covers three lanes at the same time with a resolution that is high enough for automatic number plate recognition.

Standalone operation – Network between sites and server is required only to transmit violation packages.

Complete workflow – Logipix does not only detect traffic violations, but also manages them. The process is fully automatized till creating a proper violation report, only violation verification is performed by operators.

Versatile system – The solution is able to detect all the common types of traffic violations utilizing the very same system components.

Automatic violation detection – Logipix combines Video Content Analysis and radar-based methods to detect various types of traffic violations with unmatched accuracy.

Reliable operation at night – Logipix accurately detects and captures both reflective and non-reflective license plates of violators even in pitch darkness thanks to synchronized Logipix IR Laser Flashes.

Rugged hardware – Logipix hardware components are developed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Automatic Violation Detection

Logipix developed a complete system that automatically detects traffic violations. The detection methods rely on Video Content Analysis, 20 MP camera images and high-end 3D radars. Traffic violations are detected with unmatched accuracy both day and night, as advanced IR Laser Flashes works synchronized with the cameras.

Detectable traffic violation types:

Overspeed | Stop sign | Red light | Bus lane | Wrong-way | No left turn | Parking

Violation Processing

Logipix stores captured violations and collects all relevant information from connected ANPRs and vehicle databases in order to compile a complete violation package. A specially developed Logipix server distributes these packages among connected clients. Violation verification is performed by operators in a simple, straightforward software, the Violation Management Client.

Focusing on Advantages

Developed for large-scale

Logipix system architecture enables to implement a city-wide traffic solution

Low bandwidth operation

Wireless communication between sites and central servers. Installing a city-wide system without stressing the environment with serious construction work

Fewer devices

Installation and maintenance costs are significantly reduced

High-end 20 MP cameras

Covering three lanes with a single camera

Sensor fusion

More accurate violation detection by applying the Radar and the VCA together

Customizable violation types

Detecting multiple types of violations, even at the same time using the very same hardware components

Fully automatic operation

Only violation verification needs human resources

Easy violation management

Maximizing the number of daily processed violations

Data integrity

All data created in the system is intact and unchanged. All operator and supervisor actions are logged

Export & Report

Exportable user activity and violation data. From these raw data useful statistics and data analysis can be made

system operation

Logipix created an end-to-end solution that covers the entire workflow from automatic traffic violation detection to making a detailed violation report.


Wide dynamic range 20 MP JPEG2000 image stream

A single camera monitors three lanes at the same time

Multiple in-camera filters to best adapt to different lighting conditions

Synchronized IR Laser Flash with multiple illumination intensity in order to capture both reflective and non-reflective license plates at night

Synchronized 3D Multi-lane Radar, whose telegrams are fused with camera images

violation detection

Logipix VCA precisely finds license plates and therefore vehicles in high-resolution images

Logipix 3D Radar gives accurate position and speed information on moving objects

Logipix fuses the images of radars with VCA-detected objects

Based on VCA configuration the system detects various types of traffic violations with unmatched accuracy

traffic counting

Image-based traffic counting

No need for installing expensive inductive loops

Capturing traffic light states

Connected traffic light system, synchronized visualization on camera images

Possibility to apply a synchronized evidence camera with moderate performance

Onsite Recording

IP66 rated Outdoor Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Wireless communication between sites and server (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi)

Key violation frame and violation video transmission towards the server

Full size video storage onsite

Scheduled frame rate reducing technology (Aging) to maximize available storage space

Automatic Server operation

Violation image pack query from the NVRs

Image processing based on VCA data

Interfacing with connected ANPRs

Interfacing with connected vehicle databases and customer managed lists (black list, white list, etc.)

Complying violation packages and distributing them among connected clients

Interfacing with proper authorities in order to transmit verified violations

Violation Management Client

Easy-to-use interface

Developed to maximize the number of daily processed violations

Possibility to manually add further violation types beside the basic violation

User right dependent functions

Supervisory functions for query lists on violation processing and operator activity

project scope

Violation detection sites on a city-wide scale

Hundreds of 20 MP traffic cameras

Detecting and processing an average of 65.000 violations daily

Highlighted features & functions

Automatic red light violation detection

Automatic stop line violation detection

Automatic overspeed violation detection

Image based traffic counting

Alternating flash intensity for standard and non-standard license plates

ANPR interface

Vehicle database interface

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camera & IR laser flash synchronization

Cameras work together with IR Laser Flashes

IR Laser Flash is configured to camera frame rate

Possibility to configure alternating flash intensity

Video Content Analysis

Object Feature Extraction

License plate positioning tracking

Sensor fusion technology

Fusing the information of image sensor and radar

Raw data processing is performed in the Logipix cameras, this way the solution provides a high-performance environment for analysis

More accurate speed and position information       

multiple site management

Distributed server modules

Centralized violation image pack storage

Centralized violation processing

Intelligent violation distribution among connected clients

Main logipix components

Logipix 20 MP ONE Camera
Logipix 3D Multi-lane Radar
Logipix Laser IR Flash
with wiper
Logipix 6 MP PTZ
with IR Laser
Logipix Outdoor NVR
4 th Generation
Violation Management Server & Clients