Logipix Outdoor NVR
Product Profile

The Logipix 4th generation Outdoor NVR is the high-speed network video recorder of the Logipix solutions.

Its different types are specially developed for Border Solution or Traffic Violation Detection Solution and Safe & Smart City Solution. 

The device serves the Logipix Panorama and 20 MP Cameras and reliably performs the recording of their high-quality video streams. Its video card provides the accurate operation of the embedded Logipix Video Content Analysis functions that makes automatic object tracking possible.

Thanks to its massive outdoor enclosure with an IP66 rating, it is able to cope with even extreme weather conditions. 

The thermal control of the electronic components relies on a combined system of integrated heat pipes and fans, a Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler and sunshields. 

Key Features

Built-in Video Content Analysis functions

Intelligent image transmission

Semi-passive and automatic active cooling system

Fans and sun shields

IP66 box-mount, outdoor enclosure

Designed to work reliably in extreme conditions

Built-in RAID function

VRMTM Fail-safe file system

Built-in UPS

Low bandwidth operation

Data sheets
Logipix GEN4 Outdoor NVR for Traffic solution
Logipix GEN4 Outdoor NVR for Border solution
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