Violation Management Client
Product Profile

Logipix developed an easy-to-use software that helps manage automatically created violation packages in the Logipix Traffic Violation Management Solution.

The Violation Management Client (VMC) allows for quick and easy violation confirmation process. With its user-friendly interface it facilitates operator decisions. 

They only have to check ANPR and vehicle data in case they are available, and decide whether there was a real violation or not.

Thanks to the transparent software interface they can perform this process in seconds.

Highlighted Functions
  • Display violation key frame and additional violation frames on demand
  • Short video crop of the violation
  • Display ANPR results
  • Display requested car data
  • Traffic Counting
  • Transparent operator decision buttons
  • Configurable additional violations
  • License plate search
  • Violation search
  • Violation Statistics Summary
  • User right dependent operation
  • Operator Statistics
  • Violation Queue Status Report
  • Violation Queue Management
Server & Client technical Specification


Operating system: Windows Server 2022

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9

RAM: 16 GByte

Network: 10 Gbit



Operating system: Windows 11

RAM: 8 GByte

Network: 1 Gbit

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Logipix Traffic Violation Management Software
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