airport solution

Enhanced Vision for the Ground Controllers

Logipix Airside Video Monitoring

Logipix 200 MP Panorama in bad weather conditions 

Logipix FOD detection

Logipix Airport solution

Logipix Panorama Camera – checking tail numbers

The main object tracking features of LAARS

FOD investigation – vehicle source

FOD investigation – human source

border surveillance solution

Logipix Border Surveillance

Logipix Border and Perimeter features

Automatic Target Detection at Dusk

Border Surveillance with Logipix 320 MP Panorama

River Monitoring

Object tracking on the river

Border Surveillance with 320 MP visible-light sensor

Critical surveillance solution

Industrial port surveillance

Port coverage

Stadium surveillance solution

Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance

Logipix Stadium Video

Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance System

Face recognition at all seats in the stadium

Traffic Violation detection solution

Speeding Violation Detection at Night

Speeding Violation Detection at Daytime

Logipix Traffic Solution workflow

Logipix Speeding

OSVD at traffic light at nighttime

OSVD at traffic light at daytime

Violation Management Client

Speeding Detection and Violation Confirmation

Speeding Detection at Night & Violation Confirmation

RLVD Automatic Stop Line Violation Detection

Operation in rainy weather condition

Features & hardware

Logipix PTZ camera control

Logipix 3D Modeling


LPIX20 ONE & LPIX H 01 tutorial

Logipix Demo Kit Tutorial Video