The main components of Logipix Solutions

Empower Your Vision Beyond Limits with Logipix

Logipix provides cutting-edge imaging sensors to reveal what lies beyond your natural sight. With a wider spectrum coverage and unparalleled high resolution, our sensors redefine perception, enabling detection and precise classification of distant objects spanning kilometers away.

Our comprehensive product line ensures not just smart display of captured images and AI-powered video content analysis but also seamless recording, preserving invaluable data for the necessary duration. Elevate your vision and process the unseen with Logipix.

Hardware components

Hardware Components

978 MP Dual Vision v2
978 MP 120° Dual-vision Panorama Camera

300 MP 180° Panorama Camera Gen4

100 MP 10 Visible Light
200 MP 20° Panorama camera Gen4

320 MP 40° Panorama Camera Gen4

200 MP 180 Visible Light
200 MP 180° Panorama camera Gen4
drone panorama
120 MP 120° Drone Panorama Gen5
320 MP Visible Light black
320 MP 40° Panorama camera Gen4
326 MP Dual Vision
328 MP 40° Dual-Vision Panorama
205 MP Dual Vision
206 MP 180° Dual-Vision Panorama
100 MP 10 Visible Light 1
100 MP 10° Panorama camera Gen4
PTZ 08
6 MP Laser PTZ
PTZ 16
2 MP Long-Range Laser PTZ
20MP single sensor
20 MP Logipix ONE camera
20MP bullet
20 MP Logipix ONE Bullet camera
NVR 4th outdoor
Logipix NVR Outdoor Gen4
NVR 4th rack
Logipix NVR Rack Gen4

Software components

Software Components

LAARS Software
ARCS Software
Highway Software
Violation Management Software
Control Center Software