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Logipix has developed specific sensor fusion technologies that operate on different levels of data fusion.

Deep-Level Sensor Fusion
Utilizing an array of our own sensors, including visible light, thermal imaging sensors, and 3D radar sensors, Logipix achieves a sophisticated deep-level sensor fusion process. This cutting-edge fusion technique involves AI algorithms operating with raw, uncompressed data, allowing us to harness the full potential of each sensor type.

By employing this method, Logipix effectively overcomes the limitations inherent in individual sensors, and provide more reliable information of the monitored area and its objects. This fused, raw data analysis guarantee the highest precision in both object tracking and classification, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in the system’s output.

Feature-Level Sensor Fusion

If Logipix integrates external sensors but has limited or restricted access to the raw data of these technical equipments, Logipix can still utilize the output data from devices developed with a ‘black box’ approach. This efficient integration of third-party sensors enables us to harness the capabilities of these sensors and utilize their output data as precise trigger impulses to activate high-level Logipix functions.

Logipix Sensor Fusion Technology