Powerful Engineering Competencies of Logipix
Mechanical & Thermal design
  • Housings for extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Sensor micropositioning for camera autofocus
  • Wipers and washer for the Panorama camera
  • Fast and precise motion control for the PTZ cameras
Optical design
  • Lens MTF measurement equipment design
  • Cooperation in the lens design with Japanese lens manufacturers
  • Logipix lens design for IR illuminators
Chip design
  • Customized low-level VHDL design
  • Hardware-based JPEG2000 compression
  • Hardware-based Video Content Analysis
VCA Development
  • Multidimensional Gaussian Background Modeling
  • Static/Dynamic feature extraction
  • Multi-camera VCA
Electronics design
  • Analog/digital design
  • High-power laser driver design
  • High-speed digital design, SATA3, PCI Express, 10 Gbit Ethernet
Embedded Software Development
  • Low-power microcontroller
  • High-performance 4-core, 64bit ARM
  • Intel/AMD-based solution
  • High-performance networking
Application Software Development
  • SQL database programming
  • Networking
  • OpenGL graphical programming
  • Client – Server programming knowledge
powerful engineering competences of logipix ltd