Product Profile

LAARS Client & Server Software

Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution provides a dedicated software for intelligent airside monitoring. 

The program seamlessly handles full size Logipix video streams including the panoramic ones and provides several advanced functions for ground controllers. 

It provides an interactive front-end interface that visualizes automatic detection and prediction results, guides the focus of airside controllers and also helps managing turnaround processes.

Highlighted Functions
  • Real-time displaying of 320 MP video streams in full resolution
  • Zooming on the stitched panoramic image as if it were a single image
  • Multiple zoom windows on a single panoramic image
  • JPEG2000-based Logi-Zoom function
  • Interactive PTZ control on the panoramic image
  • Automatic registration of landings and take-offs
  • Display and configure Geofence rules
  • Display and configure Virtual fence
  • Automatic Object Tracking and real-time GPS positions
  • Object path history
  • Display object frame
  • Display object classes
  • Display Proximity Area around objects
  • Automatic Traffic Enforcement
  • Display FOD
  • Interactive map
  • Perimeter Video Surveillance
  • Video Wall
  • Remote Maintenance & Health |Report
Server & Client technical Specification


Operating system: Windows Server 2022

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9

RAM: 64 GByte

Network: 10 Gbit



Operating system: Windows 11

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9

Graphics card: ASUS nVIDIA RTX 2060

RAM: 16 GByte

Network: 10 Gbit

Data Sheets
Logipix 206 MP Dual-Vision Panorama Camera for general purposes
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