Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance

The solution is developed to efficiently protect critical infrastructure sites from perimeter intrusions and also internal threats. Logipix intelligent Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Real-time Decision Making Support (RTDMS) functions ensure a safe environment and minimize false alarm rates.

Traffic Violation Detection

Logipix precisely and automatically detects various types of traffic violations around the clock. The solution provides the full violation management worklflow from the automatic detection till the creation of a compiled violation package that can be used by proper authorities.

Airside Augmented Reality

Logipix developed an end-to-end solution which makes airside a safer environment. The system realizes full visual coverage at the airside with immense resolution and ensures smooth airside operation control by providing advanced Video Content Analysis (VCA) and Real-time Decision Making Support (RTDMS).

border surveillance

The solution is designed to monitor long, open-air border sections and cover the surrounding area in several kilometers of horizontal depth. Logipix provides the automatic detection, classification and tracking of targets within the monitored area and help operators with intelligent decision making support.

safe & smart city

Logipix technologies help cities achieve a more sustainable and livable environment. The solution provides automatic traffic violation detection functions and also monitors large public areas, streets and roads of the city.

stadium video surveillance

Logipix ensures safer environments in stadiums. The solution increases security operational awareness by covering the entire seating area with 200-320 MP panoramic videos wherein every individual is recognizable.