Product Profile

The Logipix 4th Generation 320 MP 40° Visible Panorama camera produces hundreds of megapixel  images with details that provides effective visual information in various lighting conditions.

The camera delivers wide dynamic range images, has improved low-light performance and extra high sensitivity. The device is able to cover large areas with high resolution from a single viewpoint.

The panoramic images ensure an expanded view for operators, who can continuously observe the entire monitored area watching a single camera image without redundant or hidden areas. The extreme high resolution create a solid visual base for automatic object classification at large distances.

The camera housing is completed with an automatic self-cleaning system that consists of a water tank with cleaning liquid, a dispenser system and wipers at every window to always ensure the best images possible. 

Highlighted Functions
  • Precisely stitched images with white balance and image tone compensation

  • Zooming on the panoramic image as if it were a single image

  • Multiple zoom windows at the same time

  • Utilizing the full resolution during monitoring based on the scalability of JPEG2000 images

  • Interactive PTZ control by selecting the area of interest in the panoramic image

  • Picture enhancement algorithms for foggy, rainy weather conditions

  • Easily configurable time schedule for the automatic self-cleaning system


Coverage area
  • Effective coverage area: 30 – 5900 meter
  • Blind area: 0 – 30 meter
  • Installation height: 10 meter
4th Gen. 320 MP Panorama Camera
Key Features

320 MP image resolution

20 fps at full resolution

40° HFoV (Field of View), 22.5° VFoV

Full metal rugged design, available with marine grade materials

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology

JPEG2000 Wavelet-based image compression

Image stabilization with 9-axis IMU sensor system

Optical filters to enhance image quality in low-visibility conditions

10 Gbps SFP+ transceiver module

Thermal Control System with active and passive components

Optional window heating in the camera house

Self-cleaning system with built-in water-tank, washer and wipers

Custom silicon for edge AI

Low bandwidth operation in cooperation with LNVR-M-16-8-O

Stitched panoramic images with white balance correction

Synchronized imaging

Specially developed functions in the LOGIPIX Software
  • Precise panoramic image stitching in the software

  • White balance correction between the stitched camera images

  • Easy zooming on the panoramic image

  • Having multiple zoom windows on a single panoramic image

  • Interactive PTZ control on the panoramic image

  • Automatic object tracking

  • Object classification

  • Geofencing

  • Take-off – Landing detection

  • Automatic Traffic Enforcement

  • Virtual fence

  • Labeling, layering

  • Situational Awareness

  • Turnaround management support

  • A user-friendly configuration of the automatic self-cleaning system

  • Support for Technical Monitoring, Control and Maintenance System (TMCMS)

Data sheets
Logipix 320 MP Panorama Camera for general purposes
Logipix A 320 MP Panorama Camera for Airport application
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Logipix M 320 MP Panorama Camera for Border application
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