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object classification

The embedded Logipix Video Content Analysis runs on extreme high resolution images and it is able to accurately differentiate and classify several objects automatically.


Geofencing function allows to define different virtual zones within a monitored area and assign specific rules that affect automatic monitoring functions.

Situational awareness

Logipix help prevent collisions in critical environments by projecting virtual dynamic proximity areas around objects, tracking their real-time positions and also predicting their future status.

False alarm reduction

Based on embedded system intelligence and configured rules Logipix precisely filter hazardous objects that appear in camera images in order to avoid numerous false alarms.


The Logipix Video Content Analysis is able to track unlimited previously detected targets with unique IDs, even if they move between camera images.


Logipix automatically detects various types of traffic violations both day and night regardless of traffic density.

latest videos


Company profile 2023

Our latest company profile brochure is available for download. Be familiar with Logipix, get interesting information about us and our solutions.                                       

LAARS brochure 2022

We released our new brochure about the Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution. Find detailed information about our latest technologies developed for this specific field.                                                     

border brochure 2022

Our latest brochure about the Border Surveillance Solution is accessible for download. Discover the functions, benefits and technological description of the system developed for this always threatened area.

Panorama booklet 2023

Check out the new Panorama Booklet. Get to know more about the new Logipix Panorama cameras and dig a little deeper in the technology that determine the future of video surveillance.

logipix sensor fusion

We developed a specific data level sensor fusion technology, which realizes aggregated raw data analysis for the most accurate automatic detection and tracking possible.

Dual Vision Panorama

Explore the latest Dual Vision Panorama Camera specially developed for border applications. The new device combines a multi-sensor thermal unit and a 320 MP visible light camera module.

Remote Maintenance

Download this short Logipix booklet and be familiar with our remote maintenance solution, which helps reducing maintenance costs and prolong system life-span.

Stadium brochure 2021

Our latest brochure about the Stadium Video Surveillance Solution is available for download. Be familiar with the features of the system and find information on our experience at this field.

traffic brochure 2021

Discover our latest developments in the field of automatic traffic violation detection. Download the new Logipix brochure. 

320 MP Panorama

Our latest Panorama Camera is now available with 320 MP resolution and 20 fps. It is able to monitor an area of up to 3.2 km 2.                                                               

Delhi traffic case study

A city-wide scale Logipix Traffic Violation Detection Solution has been deployed in New Delhi. The system automatically captures and processes the violations.        


Logipix Airside solution was installed at Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in order to provide the full visual coverage of the entire airside area.           

Upcoming shows

We are usually presenting our latest innovations and developments at thematic international shows and exhibitions. As nowadays it is not possible, we moved our presence into the virtual space. Please feel free to register to our thematic webinars and virtual exhibitions, interact with our professionals and be up-to-date with the most recent Logipix solutions.

If you have any questions in advance or after the show, or you would like to request a personal online meeting please email us at: sales@logipix.com                            

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022

Amsterdam | 29 MAR – 1 APR 2022

The stand number is 05.245

Eurosatory 2022

Paris-Nord Villepinte | 13-17 June 2022

The stand number is E 790