Wide Area Coverage – The Logipix 320 MP Panorama Cameras cover not only the highway itself, but also the surrounding area to a large extent on both sides of the road.

Automatic Zoom on Situations – Automatic detection of any potential incident triggers the auto-zoom function. Thanks to this development, operators get detailed visual information on the situation immediately, which increasingly accelerates reaction times.

Precise GPS Coordinates – Real-time GPS coordinates of the detected objects and targets are visualized on the Graphic User Interface. This function allows operators to effectively guide police or patrol units to the exact spot of the situation.

Computer vision based traffic Counting – Logipix provides fused image and radar analysis based traffic counting without using a physical inductive loop detector system.

Real-time Decision Making Support – Logipix Computer Vision Technologies help guide the attention of operators by highlighting incidents in the video content. This way they can take the necessary measures as fast as possible in case of any unsafe or suspicious situation.

Virtual road maintenance tours – The system allows to configure automatic or manual zoom tour presets. These can be customized to continuously scan the long monitored area, just as if units were driving along the highway.

Interactive map – Custom, interactive maps can be configured in the monitoring software, which are cross-mapped with the camera images.

Covering long highway sections

Installing only a few Logipix Panorama Cameras at strategical points, the system is able to fully cover tens of kilometers of highway sections.

Computer Vision Technologies

Applying embedded Video Content Analysis and advanced Radar Data Analysis technologies together, the solution automatically alerts operators of any suspicious or unsafe road behavior.

Focusing on Advantages

End-to-end system

Logipix provides a complete system including surveillance cameras, Network Video Recorders with embedded AI and Computer Vision algorithms and also the monitoring software package with server and client applications.

Sensor fusion

More accurate representation of the monitored environment by aggregated, raw data analysis.


Real-time decision making support helps operators focus only on the most prior situations of interest.

Object tracking

The system is able to automatically register and track objects throughout the whole covered area, even if they move across multiple panoramic images.

Vehicle identification

ANPR systems can be connected to the Logipix system. Supplementary single sensor cameras can be installed at strategical points to capture license plates. After the first license plate identification, the vehicle is going to be registered in the system and tracked with its ID throughout the whole covered area.


Zones can be virtually designated within the monitored area, which for various detection rules can be assigned.

Central or on-site recording

The system can be implemented with on-site or central video recording.

Panorama self-maintence

Panorama cameras are completed with an automatic self-cleaning system.

Detecting unsafe vehicle movements

Stopping vehicles

Too slow or too fast vehicles

Lane violations

Wrong-way driving

Off-road driving

Automatic violation detection

Overspeed detection

Remote highway operation

Detecting road obstructions

Detecting traffic congestion

Detecting accidents

Automatic traffic counting

Traffic counting without physically installed loops

Remote highway maintenance

Health report

Notification Center


Precise GPS coordinates

Sensor fusion based measurement

Raw data level sensor fusion

Radar Data & Video Content Analysis

interactive map

Detecting road obstructions

Detecting accidents

Resistant hardware components

Cameras and NVRs are rugged, full metal constructions

Designed for long-term-use

Special outdoor, weather- and vandal-proof design

Built-in heat pipes and heat sinks with fans

Glass heating and zone divided, contact-based house heating

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Main logipix components

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