Panoramic Technology

Challenges of wide area surveillance

Efficient wide area surveillance is a significant challenge. A video surveillance system comprising hundreds of traditional IP cameras is not able to effectively cover a vast area. If operators have to scan through a large number of camera images, important things might go unnoticed. Furthermore those cameras deliver visual information of only a thin defense line. Installation and maintenance is also time-consuming and expensive with a traditional system.

Logipix, however, has effective Panorama solutions that solve many issues of wide area video surveillance.

The Logipix Panorama

Logipix engineered a leading-edge panoramic technology in order to make the video surveillance of vast areas more effective. The high-resolution panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as the view is displayed contiguously that helps visual orientation within any immense area.

The essence of this technology is the precise 3D geometric stitching of images taken by individual image sensors. This development allowed our company to diversely design panorama solutions. We provide Panorama cameras in various concepts and also freely structurable Virtual Panoramas built from several individual high-resolution cameras.

End-to-end Logipix solutions based on the Panorama

LAARS – A few Panorama cameras are able to effectively cover the airside areas of the largest airports. Thanks to the enormous resolution operators can utilize the zoom functions just as if they were using binoculars. The Panorama cameras create the basis of the accurate Video Content Analysis functions.

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Border Video Surveillance – The Logipix Panorama cameras can play a key role in border surveillance as they can cover long kilometers of border sections and also monitor the surrounding area of the defense line in depth. Using the Logipix Panoramas human targets can be detected from 3 kilometers away automatically.

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Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance – The Panorama solution can aid the protection of critical infrastructures that hold great importance and may experience significant threat. Thanks to the panoramic images, critical situations can be more easily understood in context, which supports quick decision making and allows much better control of any threatening situation.

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Stadium Video Surveillance – The Logipix Virtual Panorama camera was specially developed for video surveillance in stadiums. Its flexible camera structure is ideally suited for all stadium designs and sizes. The large panoramic images ensure face recognition at every seat in the stadium, resulting in safe and secured events in the venue.

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Safe & Smart City – As Panorama cameras are developed to cover large areas and provide intelligent surveillance functions, they are able to make cities safer and more secured. They can efficiently monitor huge city squares and green parks. Thanks to their resolution the panoramas deliver images that are suitable for human identification from more than 100 meters away.

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Other wide areas – Logipix Panorama Cameras are appropriate for diverse wide area surveillance tasks. Beside they effectively cover immense areas, they can be prepared to provide various computer vision functions in order to facilitate video surveillance.

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What differs our panoramic technology

• Logipix geometrically merges images at the image borders resulting in a contiguous panoramic image just as if it were taken by a single sensor camera.

• Synchronized imaging ensures that stitched panoramic images remains glitch free near the stitching borders too without object duplication or hidden object anomalies.

• Logipix uses adaptable white balance and image tone correction algorithms to smooth gradient differences in the panoramic image.

• Thanks to the precise image synchronization and special stitching technology zooming and panning are seamless at the stitching borders as well.

• Logipix delivers 20 fps panoramic video streams with hundreds of megapixels.

• We developed a special technology to handle large visual data and utilize the full resolution during monitoring.

• Intelligent Video Content Analysis (VCA) is performed on full resolution JPEG2000 image streams.

• Logipix VCA is able to seamlessly track objects even if they move across stitching borders in the panoramic image.

• We developed a worldwide unique PTZ control function that allows operators to control additional PTZ cameras by selecting the area of interest on the panoramic image.

Financial benefits

Reduced infrastructure requirements

No need to install a lot of poles or masts for individual cameras. Cabling is also fast and easy.

Long lifetime

Logipix technologies ensure the Panorama Cameras are prevented from both physical and technological obsolescence for a long time.

Uninterrupted operation

The Logipix Panorama Cameras are developed to operate with high MTBF.

Designed to last

Logipix Panorama Cameras can withstand intense weather conditions. They are full metal constructions with built-in heating and cooling systems, and they are also available made of marine grade materials.

No need for frequent maintenance using human resources

The Panorama Cameras are capable of self-maintenance, thanks to their built-in self-cleaning and deicing systems.

Low running cost

Standard maintenance is well-planned and organized for the Logipix Panorama Cameras. Besides, the system constantly gives feedback on camera condition. By exploring early warnings, failures can be prevented.


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