Complete solution – Logipix developed a complete solution consisting of high-end Virtual Panorama Cameras, Network Video Recorders and Video Monitoring Software.

Full coverage – The entire seating area can be monitored with only a few Logipix panoramic images, even in the largest stadiums.

Panorama and PTZ camera fusion – The solution can be completed with 6 MP PTZ cameras, which function as optical zoom extensions for the panoramas. The PTZ cameras are measured together with the panoramas. This way they can be controlled by selecting the area of interest on the panoramic images.

Storage-effective recording – Dual configuration of the system makes it possible to operate in a storage-effective way. The cameras work with full performance during the events, but with moderate settings in between events.

Adaptable camera structure – The panoramic images are compiled from the images of individually installed 20 MP cameras using the Logipix Stitching Technology. Thanks to this solution, the system can be tailored to any stadium in any size, and easily restructured in case of future developments.

Face recognition at every seat – The Logipix Virtual Panorama delivers 120-320 MP resolution videos, allowing face recognition at all seats in the stadium.

Multiple zoom windows – Operators can use multiple zoom windows at the same time panning and zooming on the panoramic images.

Irrefutable visual evidence – The 20 fps Logipix panoramic stream consists of only JPEG2000 key frames. Each frame can serve as irrefutable visual evidence during investigation.

Remote operation – Thanks to the Logipix Match Operation Center, multiple stadiums can be managed from a distant, centralized monitoring room.


Real-time video surveillance

Watching 120-320 MP panoramic streams operators can easily spot any suspicious situation at the stadium seats. They can react fast to any disorderly conduct and instruct the security staff to take necessary measures in order to prevent escalating situations. Thanks to the extreme high-resolution images and easy-to-use zoom functions, operators get fine-details of all spectators and they can manually track any motion and action in the monitored area. Following the situation in panoramic images and zoom windows simultaneously results in better spatial orientation and more confident instructions to guide security guards.

Investigating incidents

In case any incident occurs that needs further investigation, operators or proper authorities use full resolution security footage to explore the case thoroughly. They can search among exceptionally detailed images and use them as irrefutable evidence on demand. High-resolution video crops can be exported and images can be saved and printed of spectators to undoubtedly identify them. Data integrity ensures all image files are intact and unchanged.

Focusing on Advantages

250-400 ppm resolution

Undoubted visual evidence to identify spectators

Panoramic view

Better spatial awareness, focus is not split due to many individual camera streams

Individual zoom windows

Independently movable zoom areas, while having a panoramic overview at the same time

Virtual panorama

Easily structurable camera arrangement

Zoom presets

Fast and easy scan on sectors that are more prone to outbursts

Unique PTZ control

Convenient PTZ control by selecting the area of interest in the panoramic image

Dual system configuration

Easily switchable system configuration, storage-effective solution

Match Operation Center

Remote monitoring with full functionality

Progressive stadium video surveillance


Logipix developed specific features and functions in order to best adapt the solution to the special conditions of stadium environments.

Virtual Panorama Camera

Precise preliminary 3D plan to design accurate camera arrangement based on desired resolution values

Camera groups of up to 16 pieces of 20 MP cameras

Specially developed sunshields to protect against lens flares caused by stadium reflectors

A single Virtual Panorama covers several entire sectors with 250-400 ppm resolution

120-320 MP stitched images

20 fps video stream at full resolution

Logipix Zoom Functions

Multiple zoom windows for panoramic images

Zoom as if a virtual panoramic image were a single one

Zoom presets on panoramic images

Optical zoom extension by PTZ cameras

PTZ and Panorama fusion in order to control the PTZ on the panoramic image

PTZ bookmarks and zoom history

Outside the seating area

Monitoring gates, corridors and perimeter areas with 5-20 MP single and 2-6 MP PTZ cameras

Recording and Storage Management

Stadium Event Management with dual system configuration

Scheduled frame rate reducing technology (Aging) to maximize available storage space

Custom configuration to satisfy compliance with local security data regulations

Match Operation Center

Centralized monitoring room

Remotely accessible stadiums

Full functionality


Precise Geometrically stitched images of individual Logipix sensors

Synchronized imaging in order to avoid duplicated or hidden objects

White balance and gradient correction

Ptz cameras in the system

High-en Logipix Panorama and PTZ cameras work together

Measuring PTZ and Panorama together in order to control PTZ on the panoramic image

utilizing the full resolution

JPEG2000 compression standard

Utilizing resolution scalability during display                     

Main components

Logipix Virtual Panorama Camera
Logipix 20 MP ONE Camera
Logipix 2 MP Long-range PTZ Camera
Logipix 2 MP PTZ
Logipix Network Video Recorder
Logipix Control Center
Client & Server Software