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Stadium Video Surveillance by Logipix

Logipix StadiumEnsure a safer environment with Logipix

Football matches are one of the most crowded community events. Tens of thousands of people crowding at a place creates a high risk security area any time. The prevention of violent incidents and fast reaction are the key to ensuring the safety of the spectators, staff and football players. The Logipix system has been designed specifically with these in mind.

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 Face recognition at every seat

Logipix Stadium

Several individual 15 or 20 Megapixel Logipix cameras cover the stadium. Their pictures are stitched together to create a panoramic view. Having large panoramic images means that the security team can more effectively react to any potential threats and manage the situation in case of an escalation. There are no areas left unmonitored, and thanks to the high quality images, face recognition is also possible at every seat of the stadium. As there are several individual cameras in the system it can easily be restructured by the Logipix team in case of future developments.

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Get more image details

Logipix stadium hardware

Additional Logipix FULL HD PTZ cameras work together with the panoramic system and continuously scan the various sectors of the stadium. Their pan, tilt, and zoom functions can be controlled interactively on the stitched panoramic images by selecting the target area. More visual information of an incident means the ability to manage the situation more effectively.

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The Logipix PTZ bookmarks

It has been noted that there are certain areas more prone to outbreaks of violence. These potential threat areas can be marked and saved as PTZ positions with a specific function that helps to improve the navigation between these zones.

A good investment

Logipix stadium hardware

Building a system with wide-range cameras means that a fewer devices are enough to cover entire stadiums with their high-resolution images.. As NVRs handle networking tasks, there is no need for complex IT network. This way the costs of system installation, maintenance and hardware can be drastically reduced.

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