Complete solution – Logipix provides an end-to-end solution comprising of high-end Panorama and PTZ Cameras, Network Video Recorders, and specially developed Video Monitoring Software (Control Center).

Adaptable system structure – Logipix always consider the specific purpose of monitoring and also the characteristics of industrial sites in order to choose the most appropriate technologies and coverage structure.

Real-time Decision Making Support – RTDMS function is built on intelligent algorithms in order to highlight only potential threats. This way it guides the attention of operators in the Control Center.

Operation in extreme environments – Logipix hardware components are rugged, full metal constructions with built-in heating and cooling systems, and they are also available made of marine grade materials. They can withstand intense environmental conditions.

Panoramic view – 200-320 focusing MP panoramic images ensure better orientation within the monitored area, as the focus of operators is not split by numerous individual camera streams.

Computer Vision Technologies – Logipix Video Content Analysis ensures automatic object detection, object classification, false alarm reduction, object tracking functions and also increase situational awareness.

Perimeter intrusion detection – Logipix provides automatic perimeter intrusion detection which can rely on the integrated PIDS or the VCA or on both at the same time.

Self-maintenance – Logipix hardware components are capable of automatic self-maintenance, thanks to their built-in self-cleaning and deicing systems.

Designed for long-term – Our engineers developed leading-edge technologies that ensure the system avoids both physical and technological obsolescence for a long time.

Coverage of critical areas

Each area of a critical infrastructure facility can be covered delivering necessary resolution for the desired functions. Logipix 200-320 MP Panorama Cameras monitor vast areas and long perimeter sections. Places that are obscured for Panoramas can be covered with high-end 20 MP single and 6 MP PTZ cameras. Built-in or integrated, synchronized IR Laser Flashes ensure proper illumination in areas with moderate lighting during night monitoring.

Computer vision for incident detection

Logipix developed Computer Vision Technologies for automatic and accurate analysis of situations, and to provide real-time detection and early prediction of incidents that may pose threats in critical infrastructure environments. The comprehensive solution was designed to guide the attention of operators to prior situations. Therefore they can react fast and efficiently to prevent accidents and unauthorized activities.

Focusing on Advantages

Object tracking

Automatic detection, classification, tracking and localization of unlimited objects.


Helps operators focus only on potential threats and incidents.


Zones can be virtually designated within the monitored area, and multi-level detection and alarming rules can be assigned to them.

Virtual fence

Fast reaction to temporary area limitations by configuring provisional rules in order to activate automatic detection functions.

Situational awareness

Helps avoid collisions between vehicles and protects industrial buildings and facilities.

Internal traffic enforcement

Helps enforce traffic rules on the internal roads.

ePTZ zoom function

Auto-zoom and auto-tracking function on the panoramic video, triggered by VCA or PIDS, and displayed in individual zoom windows.

VCA-based intrusion detection

Perimeter intrusion detection based on high-resolution images and automatic object detection and classification.

PIDS integration

Existing Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can be used to trigger automatic zoom functions.

On-site recording

No need to deploy costly fiber optic network between cameras and Monitoring Centers.

High-resolution footage

Security footage can serve as irrefutable visual evidence during investigating already occurred incidents.

Self-cleaning system

Logipix cameras clean their own houses based on configured schedules.


Logipix Computer Vision Technologies improve video surveillance, as they operate far more effective than human perception.

Object tracking

Detecting, tracking and classifying objects under various lighting conditions

Tracking objects, providing speed, path history and heading information

Differentiating six basic type of objects (animal, human, light and heavy vehicle, boat, vessel)

Real-time GPS coordinates


Configuring multi-level alarming areas around protected buildings and facilities

Different rules based on zone and object types (safety and access rules, speed limits, etc.)

Virtual fence

Temporary zones with applied provisional rules

Dynamic time schedules for configured rules

Situational awareness

Tracking real-time position of objects, predicting their future status and alerting operators

Proximity alert function

Automatic traffic enforcement

Different rules for different type of vehicles in different areas

Detecting overspeed, stop line, traffic light and parking violations

RTDMS to highlight internal incidents

False alarm reduction based on object classification and geofence rules

Highlight only potential threats in the Control Center


The system precisely detects perimeter intrusions and it effectively minimizes false alarm rates.

Automatic intrusion detection

VCA-based intrusion detection

Possibility to integrate PIDS through relay connection or IP network

Automatic zoom functions on PTZ and Panorama cameras triggered by PIDS or VCA

RTDMS for perimeter protection

False alarm reduction based on object classification

Highlight only potential threats in the Control Center

Online archive video loop of the intrusion

Transparent intrusion alarm list


reliable operation in extreme environments

Logipix hardware components are designed to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions.

Resistant hardware components

Cameras and NVRs are rugged, full metal constructions

Designed for long-term use

Special outdoor, weather- and vandal-proof design

Built-in heat pipes and heat sinks with fans

Thermoelectric Peltier modules


PTZ cameras in the system

High-end Logipix Panorama and PTZ cameras work together

Measuring PTZ and Panorama together in order to control PTZ on the panoramic image

real-time decision making support

Intelligent algorithms to highlight only potential threats

False alarm reduction

utilizing the full resolution

JPEG2000 compression standard

Utilizing resolution scalability during display                     

Video Content Analysis

Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model

Object Feature Extraction

Motion Behavior Analysis

Motion Path Estimation

Main logipix components

Logipix Thermal & Visible
Panorama Camera
Logipix 320 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 200 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 20 MP ONE Camera
Logipix 6 MP
PTZ Camera
Logipix Network Video Recorder
4 th Generation
Logipix Outdoor NVR
4 th Generation
Logipix Control Center & Client & Server Software