Complete solution – Logipix provides the most comprehensive border surveillance with high-end visible light and thermal panorama cameras, 3D MIMO Radars, Outdoor Network Video Recorders, and a specially developed monitoring software, the Command and Control Center.

Panoramic view – 200-960 MP panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as large areas are displayed simultaneously and the relative positions of landscape formations help visual orientation. Logipix also provides large thermal panoramic images, which are cross-mapped with the visible light panoramic images.

Sensor fusion – Each border surveillance technology has its own limitation. Logipix solution allows to strengthen these technologies and leverage their capabilities together. It is able to receive third-party sensor data and merges them with the information of Logipix sensors.

Real-time Decision Making Support – RTDMS function is built on intelligent algorithms, which help highlight only potential threats. This way it guides the attention of operators in the Command and Control Center.

Operation in extreme weather conditions – Logipix hardware components are rugged, full metal constructions with built-in heating and cooling systems, and they are also available made of marine grade materials. They can withstand intense weather conditions.

Visible-light and thermal panorama views – 200-960 MP panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as large areas are displayed simultaneously and the relative positions of landscape formations help visual orientation. Logipix also provides 6.6-19.8 MP thermal panoramic images, which are cross-mapped with the visible-light images.

Adaptable system structure – Logipix always consider the specific purpose of monitoring and also the characteristics of the border area in order to choose the most appropriate technologies and coverage structure on the field.

Computer Vision Technologies – Logipix ensures image-based automatic object detection, object classification and automatic target tracking and target localization functions.

Self-maintenance – Logipix hardware components are capable of automatic self-maintenance, thanks to their built-in self-cleaning and deicing systems.

Designed for long-term – Our engineers developed leading-edge technologies that ensure the system avoids both physical and technological obsolescence for a long time.

Maximized system uptime – Logipix provides uninterrupted system availability, as all their components are developed to operate with high MTBF.

Covering immense areas

The main line of visual coverage consists of Dual Vision Logipix Panorama Cameras. A single Panorama camera has 40° FOV. It provides 320 MP for visible light and 6 MP for thermal monitoring and effectively monitors an area of 3.2 km 2 from a single viewpoint. Its resolution allows to detect humans within a range of up to 3 km. Three of these cameras can be installed at a single spot, providing 120° FOV and 9.6 km 2 area coverage. In case a narrower area should be monitored near a defense line, Logipix single sensor cameras can be used in a desired structure.

sensor fusion for threat detection

In effective threat detection, continuous visual coverage of immense areas is just the first step. Automatic detection, efficient object classification and liable visual verification are all essential. Intrusion detectors are prone to generate false alarms in a relatively large number. On the other hand, Logipix developed data level sensor fusion, analyzing both visual information and radar data for accurate object detection and classification which minimizes false alarm rates. The immense resolution and automatic zoom functions allow operators to decide between non-threatening objects and targets that require fast respond.

Focusing on Advantages

960 MP Panorama Cameras

Contrary to PTZ cameras, a Panorama camera allows to continuously observe each sector of an area up to 9,6 km 2. (for automatic human detection)

Thermal imaging

Clear imagery during night and in challenging environmental conditions such as smoke, dust, haze and fog.

Sensor fusion

More accurate representation of the environment by aggregated raw data analysis.

Automatic object detection

Based on visual information, even the slowest moving humans can be detected from 3 kilometers away.


Zones can be virtually designated within the monitored area, which for various detection rules can be assigned.

Automatic object classification

Close to zero false alarms caused by animals and other non-threatening objects.


Helps operators focus only on potential threats.

Multiple target tracking

Logipix VCA allows to track 2500 targets at the same time that are visible for Panorama cameras.

Target localization

Real-time GPS position of all detected objects to effectively guide squads or border patrol units.

ePTZ zoom function

Auto-zoom and auto-tracking functions for the panoramas, triggered by VCA or any surveillance sensor. Targets can be locked for automatic tracking in individual zoom windows.

Automatic PTZ control

Auto-zoom and tracking functions on Logipix or third-party PTZ cameras.

Low-bandwidth operation

Having all target information even within low-bandwidth network environments.

On-site recording

No need to deploy costly fiber optic network between cameras and Command and Control Centers.

Intelligent storage

Having full resolution footage of all interesting detection and tracking for a desired period.

Surveillance radar

Merging real-time radar information on high-resolution panoramic images.

PIDS integration

Existing PIDS can be used to trigger auto-zoom functions.

dual Vision Panorama camera

Sensor fusion technology to utilize the advantages of both visible light and thermal sensor types during visual data analysis

Human target detection from a distance of up to 3000 m with both visible and thermal sensors

Up to 960 MP resolution for visible light monitoring

Up to 19.8 MP resolution for thermal monitoring

Uncooled a-Si microbolometer image sensors for thermal imaging

Up to 120° horizontal Field of View with precisely stitched panoramic images

Synchronized imaging in order to avoid duplicated or hidden objects

Visible-light Panorama camera

Automatic human target detection from a distance of up to 3000 m

Up to 960 MP resolution for monitoring

Up to 120° horizontal Field of View

Day-night operation modes

Precisely stitched panoramic image with white balance and gradient compensation

Synchronized imaging in order to avoid duplicated or hidden objects

from object detection to target localization

Logipix provides object detection, classification, tracking and localization automatically. Target verification is based on 960 MP images by operators.

Object detection

Automatic object detection within the observed area

Geofencing function with configured rules for specific detection guidelines

Humans can be detected from a distance of up to 3 km

Accurate detection of slow-moving objects

Object classification

VCA and Radar-based classification of detected objects

Classify animals, humans, light and heavy vehicles, boats, vessels


Real-time Decision Making Support

False alarm reduction based on object classification and geofence rules

Highlight only potential threats in Command and Control Center

Interactive map

Visualized objects as moving icons

Displayed camera FOVs and real-time object GPS-coordinates

Triggering zoom function by clicking on object icons


Automatic zoom on high-resolution panoramic images

Optionally, automatically controlled third-party long-range (2000mm or higher) and thermal PTZ cameras

Operator decisions to specify object threat level

Target tracking

Automatic tracking of unlimited targets at the same time

Accurate target tracking even they move between Panorama cameras

Individual, tracking zoom windows for selected targets

Speed, path history and heading information

Target localization

GPS-coordinates calculated by interpolation on panoramic images

GPS-coordinates are displayed along with both detected objects and verified targets

Optionally, third-party surveillance radar data merged with visual information

Low-bandwidth operation

Real-time display of all object information on reduced quality panoramic image

Continuously updated, switchable reference image overlay with full resolution

reliable operation in extreme environments

Logipix hardware components are designed to withstand severe weather and environment conditions.

Resistant hardware components

Cameras and NVRs are rugged, full metal constructions

Designed for long-term use

Special outdoor, weather- and vandal-proof design

Built-in heat pipes and heat sinks with fans

integrating third-party border surveillance systems

Logipix Border surveillance Solution is able to realize a complex system that leverages different surveillance technologies in order to overcome monitoring limitations.

Long-range and Thermal PTZ cameras

Automatic control of integrated PTZ cameras based on VCA that runs on Logipix panoramic images

PPM extension in case of using PTZs with long-focus lenses (2000mm or higher)

Thermal PTZ for alarm verification in pitch darkness

Other integration

PIDS / Seismic detectors / Fiber optic sensors

External sensors automatically trigger zoom functions

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Sensor Fusion

Fusing the uncompressed data of various Logipix sensors and realizing feature level sensor fusion with external sensors

Accurate radar data visualization on images


Real-time Decision Making Support

Intelligent algorithms to highlight only potential threats

False alarm reduction

Panoramic Technology

Geometrically stitched images, white balance and tone correction

Synchronized imaging

Video Content Analysis

Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model

Object Feature Extraction      

Motion Behavior Analysis

Motion Path Estimation

PTZ cameras in the system

Full control of Logipix or 3 rd party PTZ

Cross-mapping PTZ and Panorama

Utilizing the full resolution

JPEG2000 compression standard

Utilizing resolution scalability during display

Main logipix components

Logipix Thermal & Visible
Panorama Camera
Logipix 320 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 200 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 20 MP ONE Camera
Logipix 6 MP PTZ camera with IR Laser
Logipix Network Video Recorder
4 th Generation
Logipix Outdoor NVR
4 th Generation for wide area
Logipix Command & Control Software