Complete solution – Logipix provides the most comprehensive border surveillance with high-end visible light and thermal panorama cameras, 3D MIMO Radars, Outdoor Network Video Recorders, and specially developed Command and Control Software.

Panoramic view – 200-960 MP panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as large areas are displayed simultaneously and the relative positions of landscape formations help visual orientation. Logipix also provides large thermal panoramic images, which are cross-mapped with the visible light panoramic images.

Maximized system uptime – Logipix provides uninterrupted system availability as all their components are developed to operate with high MTBF.

Sensor fusion – Each border surveillance technology has its own limitation. Logipix solution allows to strengthen these technologies and leverage their capabilities together. It is able to receive third-party sensor data and merges them with the information of Logipix sensors.

Real-time Decision Making Support – RTDMS function is built on intelligent algorithms in order to highlight only potential threats. This way it guides the attention of operators in the Command and Control Software.

Adaptable system structure – Logipix always consider the specific purpose of monitoring and also the characteristics of the border area in order to choose the most appropriate technologies and coverage structure on the field.

Computer Vision Technologies – Logipix ensures image-based automatic object detection, object classification and automatic target tracking and target localization functions.

Self-maintenance – Logipix hardware components are capable of automatic self-maintenance, thanks to their built-in self-cleaning and deicing systems.

Designed for long-term – Our engineers developed leading-edge technologies that ensure the system avoids both physical and technological obsolescence for a long time.

Operation in extreme weather conditions – Logipix hardware components are rugged, full metal constructions with built-in heating and cooling systems, and they are also available made of marine grade materials. They can withstand intense weather conditions.

Covering immense areas

The main line of visual coverage consists of Dual Vision Logipix Panorama Cameras. A single Panorama camera has 40° FOV. It provides 320 MP for visible light and 6 MP for thermal monitoring and effectively monitors an area of 3.2 km 2 from a single viewpoint. Its resolution allows to detect humans within a range of up to 3 km. Three of these cameras can be installed at a single spot, providing 120° FOV and 9.6 km 2 area coverage. In case a narrow