Product profile

Logipix offers optional panorama camera structures consisting of several individual Logipix 20 MP cameras.

Their images are stitched together in the monitoring software to create a panoramic view. The stitching is possible along both the horizontal and the vertical axis. This unique feature can be utilized in a wide range of applications where large-scale areas must be monitored.

Large panoramic images ensure an expanded view without any hidden or redundant areas. Since it consists of individual cameras, the structure of the whole system is extremely flexible. It can be easily expanded and restructured if needed.

Highlighted functions

  • Precise preliminary 3D plan to design accurate camera arrangement based on desired resolution values
  • Camera groups of up to 16 pieces of 20 MP cameras
  • Specially developed sunshields to protect against lens flares caused by stadium reflectors
  • A single Virtual Panorama covers several entire sectors with 250-400 ppm resolution
  • 120-320 MP stitched images
  • 20 fps video stream at full resolution