LAARS image pushback

Our specially developed technologies sets the standard for advanced imaging and analysis in the surveillance industry.

Experience unparalleled vision with our Dual Vision Imaging, seamlessly integrating cross-mapped visible-light and thermal sensors. This groundbreaking approach ensures extended vision in all visibility conditions, providing a comprehensive view for enhanced situational awareness. Our innovative Panorama Stitching technology ensures visually unrecognizable borders and synchronized imaging, delivering a seamless and cohesive surveillance experience.

Explore the latest frontier in monitoring with Edge Artificial Intelligence, enabling analysis and data processing on 200-960 MP raw video directly at the source.
Meet incomparable accuracy with our Deep-level Sensor Fusion, employing sophisticated algorithms to analyze raw data from multiple sensor types. Immerse yourself in the future of surveillance with Augmented Reality, where visualized graphical and text layers enhance your understanding of the monitored environment.
At Logipix, we redefine what’s possible in surveillance technology, setting new standards for precision, efficiency, and reliability.