Logipix Turnaround management in the laars

The Logipix Turnaround Management Module in LAARS is developed to assist ground handling services during turnarounds. Individually installed cameras provides high-resolution visual feedback of ground services. The module facilitates the whole registration process and realizes a precise, simultaneous stand management. It helps explore bottlenecks in turnarounds examining the registered data and recorded video. It also supports the analysis of ground services that contributes to shorten turnaround times and gain financial benefits.

The image was taken by the Logipix Panorama Camera.

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High-resolution video streams – The Logipix Turnaround Management Module ceases the era of blind data or radio communication-based turnaround management, as its core concept is built around high-resolution video technology.

Real-time and delayed service registration – Operators can watch and follow ground services on multiple stands. They can precisely register the processes real-time or they can rewind or fast forward the recorded footage to find the exact service start and end times.

Manual & VCA assisted operation – The Turnaround Management Module is available in full manual or VCA assisted versions.

Interactive timelines – The system collects and visualizes stand allocation and service schedules on interactive timelines with color-coded time-frames.

Interactive map – The module provides interactive map visualization, where operators can zoom in and pan to the area of interest. The map displays aircraft movements, stand allocations and statuses.

Valuable statistics – Automatic calculations can be made from the registered turnaround data to identify critical paths and processes to improve turnaround times.

Precise multiple stand management – Operators can quickly browse among stands and check the progress of the turnarounds. They can use an overview interface that shows all scheduled turnarounds and easily select one to monitor the services in details.

manual operation

Using the basic Turnaround Management Module operators can manage multiple turnarounds simultaneously. They receive continuous high-resolution visual feedback on services around the airplanes. They can manually register all processes real-time or postponed in the online archive mode, accurately to the second.

vca assisted operation

The Turnaround Management Module is available in an advanced version, wherein automatic Video Content Analysis assists the registration of some operations.

The Logipix VCA can detect the presence and classify different objects. It can accurately track the motion of airplanes and various ground equipments. Depending on the applied resolution and chosen point of view the algorithms can detect even complex processes.

Focusing on Advantages

Video  based system

Extended visual perception in various lighting and environmental conditions

Video content analysis

Automatic detection of various services around airplanes

Color-coded UI

Clear display of service schedules and stand allocations

Interactive map

Abstracted apron overview with real-time stand allocation information and moving aircraft objects


Real-time and online archive operation. More effective and more precise service registration on multiple stands simultaneously

Turnaround analysis

Identifying critical paths and processes to improve turnaround efficiency

Turnaround history

Real-time and online archive operation

Recorded footage

High-resolution visual evidence

Apron Overview


The Apron Overview interface provides a summary on all airplane stands, showing their current statuses, airplane allocation schedule and real-time hi-res video streams.

Thumbnail video streams

Real-time video of all stands on the apron

Instant visual feedback

Fast video overview of the entire apron

Dynamic stand schedule

Interactive timeline

Real-time data according to actual schedule

Color-coded time frames

Warnings and alerts in case of delays

interactive map

Easy navigation on the map

Color-coded stand statuses

Visualized aircraft movements

Informational hover labels

Turnaround Registration


Operators receive high-resolution visual feedback on what is happening around airplanes and they can register services both real-time and delayed

High-resolution video

20 MP video streams with 20 fps

Minute-details on all objects

View on the airplanes from different angles

Recorded footage

Dynamic service schedule

Interactive timeline

Real-time data according to actual schedule

Color-coded time frames

Warnings and alerts in case of delays

Precise registration procedure

Real-time manual registration of services

VCA assisted service registration (advanced version)

Fast service registration in online archive mode

Automatically saved reference images of all service starts and ends

Detailed registration reports for closed turnarounds

Turnaround history


All turnarounds are saved and documented in details. These can be reviewed any time.

Recorded turnarounds

Hi-resolution archive footage availability depending on storage capacity

Saved reference images

Interactive timeline

Service-based archive search

Hi-resolution visual evidence

Turnaround Statistics


Turnaround Statistics function allows to analyze turnaround times and every services in details.

Valuable calculations

Analyzing stand occupancy

Calculations for stands, flights, airplane types

Measuring Ground Handling Agent performance

System Architecture

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