Logipix NVR Outdoor – Traffic

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The Logipix NVR Outdoor was specially developed for the Logipix Traffic Violation Detection Solution and Safe & Smart City Solution. Thanks to its massive, IP66 rated outdoor enclosure, it is able to cope with even extreme weather conditions.

The thermal control of the electronic components relies on a combined system of integrated heat pipes and fans, a Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler and sunshields. The device serves the Logipix 20 MP Cameras and reliably performs the recording of their high-quality video streams.

key features

 Built-in Video Content Analysis functions

 Intelligent image transmission

 Semi-passive and active cooling system

 Fans and sun shields

 IP66 box-mount, outdoor enclosure

 Designed to work reliably in outdoor conditions

 Built-in RAID function

 VRM TM Fail-safe file system

 Built-in UPS

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Logipix NVR Outdoor 4 . Generation for Traffic solution

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