Complex solution – Logipix successfully combined embedded Video Content Analysis, high-resolution video surveillance and efficient server-client architecture to provide a comprehensive traffic violation detection solution.

Fast and easy verification process – Logipix developed an easy-to-use software, the Violation Management Client in order to process the largest number of violations possible.

Collecting data – The Logipix Traffic Violation Management solution collects data from integrated ANPRs, and connected country-specified vehicle databases and customer-managed lists.

Computer Vision Technologies – The Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution provides several intelligent, VCA functions that are able to detect and even predict different incidents and situations that may occur at the airside.

Augmented Reality – The system merges visual and text information, visualizes automatic detection and prediction results and displays them together on an interactive interface.

Real-time Decision Making Support – The solution weights and filters the automatically detected incidents and situations and highlights the relevant ones on screen.

Ground Handling Management Support – Logipix monitors the status and manages the progress of ground handling services during turnarounds.

Integrated airport systems – The solution integrates Airport Systems like Airport Operational Database, Radar Systems, Range Finders, ADS-B, MLAT and A-SMGCS.

Perimeter intrusion detection – Logipix provides perimeter intrusion detection which can rely on the integrated PIDS or the VCA or on both at the same time.

visual enhancement

Logipix provides video monitoring with 200-320 MP Panorama cameras to observe everyday operations at the airside. These images can effectively supplement normal observation as they ensure a resolution that is far beyond human eye capabilities. Controllers can watch the continuous live stream and they can zoom in on any desired, monitored area and see fine details at far distances.

system intelligence

Logipix VCA and RTDMS allow to automatically detect and even predict several incidents and they also help optimize airside processes. Automatically generated warnings and alarms guide the attention of operators and controllers. RTDMS intelligently optimizes the front end visualization of all signals generated in the system, as it automatically weights and filters the large number of situations and highlights the relevant ones.


Video Content Analysis / Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality

Landing & Take-off

Automatic detection of landing and take-off

Calculating the exact time that the monitored airplane spends at the airport

Automatic traffic enforcement

Automatic detection of landing and take-off

Calculating the exact time that the monitored airplane spends at the airport


Configurable airside rules within the system

Different rules based on zone and object types (safety and access rules, speed limits, etc.

Virtual fence

Temporary zones with applied provisional rules

Dynamic time schedules for configured rules

Situational awareness

Tracking real-time position of objects, predicting their future status and alerting controllers

Proximity alert function

Collision prediction function

FOD detection

Automatic FOD detection function

Stones, plastic foils, tools, aircraft parts, dolly wheels or bolts, screws, etc.

Registering the source object which the FOD comes from

Object tracking

Detecting, tracking and classifying objects under various lighting conditions

Tracking cooperative and non-cooperative objects

Differentiating four basic type of objects (aircraft, vehicle, human, animal)

Real-time GPS coordinates

Identification information on cooperative objects from integrated airport systems (ADS-B, MLAT. A-SMGCS)

Informational object labels with collected data


Panoramic Technology

Precise Geometrically stitched images of individual Logipix sensors

Synchronized imaging in order to avoid duplicated or hidden objects

White balance and gradient correction

PTZ Cameras in the system

High-en Logipix Panorama and PTZ cameras work together

Measuring PTZ and Panorama together in order to control PTZ on the panoramic image

Real-time Decision Making Support

Integrated airport information sources

Intelligent algorithms to filter and weight detected incidents and situations

Utilizing the full resolution

JPEG2000 compression standard

Utilizing resolution scalability during display                     

Video Content Analysis

Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model

Object Feature Extraction

Motion Behavior Analysis

Motion Path Estimation

Focusing on Advantages

Registering landing and take-off

Automatic visual registration of landings and take-offs. In case of receiving transponder information the exact time can be calculated that airplanes spend at the airport.

Object tracking

Fast and easy to track both cooperative and non-cooperative objects, filtering based on object classes, merge transponder information with detected objects.


Airside rules can be configured in the system and they can be applied for automatic detection functions.

Virtual fence

Fast reaction to temporary area limitations on the airside by configuring provisional rules in order to activate automatic detection functions.

Situational awareness

Helps avoid collisions at the airside.

Collision prediction

Helps avoid collisions between moving objects.

Automatic traffic enforcement

Helps enforce traffic rules at the airside.

Automatic traffic enforcement

Helps enforce traffic rules at the airside.

Ground Handling Management Support

Providing automatic support for ground handling services and collecting useful data for post-analysis.

Integrated Positioning systems

Receiving transponder data and visualize them together with the detected objects.

VCA-based intrusion detection

Perimeter intrusion detection based on high-resolution images and automatic object detection and classification.

PIDS integration

Existing Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can be used to trigger automatic zoom functions.


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Main logipix components

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Logipix Network Video Recorder 4 th Generation
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