Logipix NVR 4th Generation

Product profile

Logipix NVR Rack-mount is a 4 -го generation, high performance network video recorder specially designed for the Logipix camera family. Logipix ONE cameras or Logipix Panorama cameras can be connected to the device through its first 10 Gbit SFP+ socket. The Logipix Storage Expansion Units can be connected through its second 10 Gbit SFP+ socket. Besides it is equipped with a 1 Gbit connection for remote monitoring. It manages up to 16 pieces of hot-swap SATA HDDs and external Logipix Storage Expension Units can be connected to it to increase the storage capacity. The device uses the VRM TM fail-safe file-system to store the video stream, which means the frames of the video are stored divided between the installed HDDs. 7 Gbit/sec recording speed ensures the reliable recording of the 20 FPS video streams of the Logipix cameras without any reduction in camera performance.

key features

• 1 port 10 Gbit SFP+ socket for Logipix ONE cameras

• 1 port 10 Gbit SFP+ socket for Storage Expansion Units / remote monitoring

• 1 port 1 Gbit copper for remote monitoring

• 7 Gbit/sec recording speed

• Up to 192 TB storage capacity withouth storage extender

• Logipix Storage Expansion units for further storage capacity (optional)

• Intelligent image transmission

• VRM TM Fail-safe file system

• Built-in RAID function

• Rack-mount enclosure