Logipix NVR 4th Generation

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The 4th generation of Logipix Rack-mount NVRs are specially designed to seamlessly record and manage the video streams of the newest generation of Logipix cameras. It is equipped with two 10 Gbit SFP+ sockets.

One for receiving video transmission and another to connect Storage Expansion Units. Besides, a 1 Gbit socket is also integrated for remote monitoring. The device manages up to 16 pieces of hot-swap SATA HDDs. Logipix Storage Expansion Units can be also connected, therefore increasing the storage capacity.

key features

• 1 port 10 Gbit SFP+ socket for Logipix ONE Cameras

• 1 port 10 Gbit SFP+ socket for Storage Expansion Units or for remote monitoring

• 1 port 1 Gbit copper for remote monitoring

• 7 Gbit/sec recording speed

• Up to 192 TB storage capacity without storage expansion

• Logipix Storage Expansion Units to increase storage capacity (optional)

• Intelligent image transmission

• VRM TM Fail-safe file system

• Built-in RAID function

• Rack-mount enclosure

data sheets


LOGIPIX NVR 4 th Generation for 200 MP Panorama Camera


Logipix NVR 4 th Generation for 320 MP Panorama Camera


Logipix NVR 4th Generation for Logipix VCA System

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Logipix NVR 4th Generation for 200 MP Panorama Camera for Airport application

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Logipix NVR 4th Generation for 320 MP Panorama Camera for Airport application

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