Logipix Long Range PTZ Camera

Product profile

Logipix Long Range PTZ provides detailed images of targets kilometers away with 2 MP | 6 MP resolutions. The camera produces 25 fps at full resolution, so any motion seems continuous in the video stream. Thanks to its fast positioning and high accuracy, the camera provides effective target tracking within a 360° horizontal and 100° vertical range.

Its image sensor produces wide dynamic range images wherein both low-lit and sunlit areas can be seen in details. Thanks to its 35× | 36× optical zoom, the camera delivers sharp close-ups of objects and areas of interest. The device features a unique integrated IR Laser Illuminator with automatic focusing system, wherewith the camera is able to provide stunning images of the monitored targets in pitch darkness as well.

Highlighted Functions

•  Precise positioning with simple mouse click

•  PTZ zoom control by area selection

•  Joystick emulation control with mouse

•  Interactive PTZ control on the assigned panoramic image

•  PTZ positioning on map

•  GPS based positioning

•  PTZ zoom history

•  Automatic PTZ tour with predefined parameters

•  Picture enhancement algorithms for foggy, rainy weather conditions

Functions in cooperation with VCA

•  Zone entry detection and automatic zoom

•  Abandoned object detection and automatic zoom

•  Automatic zoom on selected target / object

•  Automatic tracking of objects and targets

key features

• 1/2” | 1” size, CMOS image sensor with high-sensitivity

• 2 MP | 6 MP image resolution

• 25 fps at full resolution

• Wide Dynamic Range images

• 35× | 36× optical zoom

• IR Laser Illuminator with automatic focusing system

• 3D Privacy mask

• Multi-zone video motion detection analysis

• Automatic switching between Day/Night modes

• IP66 rated outdoor housing

• JPEG2000 Wavelet-based image compression

• Integrated cleaning system with wiper and washer

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Logipix Long Range PTZ 5 km

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Logipix Long Range PTZ 3.5 km

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Logipix Long Range PTZ

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