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Public transport

Public transport


Increasingly threatened environments

Public transport services have to deal with the same threats which occur in everyday city life namely as pickpocketing, vandalism, and in worst case physical attack. A reliable, stable video surveillance system is deterrent in many cases and if it isn't, the footage still provides undoubted evidence in court. LOGIPIX keeps in mind that people's safety and assets must be protected everywhere. Our mobile video recorders, the Walk-DVRs do this job on public transport. And do this very well.

A moving system is a challenge

Video surveillance in moving, shaking vehicles has never been an easy, straightforward task, as the installed system has to handle a lot of permanent environmental issues that just rarely occur within a non-moving system. Walk-DVRs with hybrid recording system was designed to resist even to extreme vibrations and heat. Based on their built-in accelerometer and thermometer the devices are able to automatically switch-off the recording on their HDDs, but continue it on their resistant and stable SSD or CF cards. If the environmental conditions have stabilized, the hard drives then turn on again and the images are copied from the SSD or the CF cards onto the hard drives.

It's good to know where

The vehicles of public transport can be easily tracked, as the device contains a built-in GPS module. Every recorded frame stores the GPS coordinates in its header thus they continuously ensure exact location data.

Remote access

You have the control even if you are not on board. Owing to the built-in GPRS modem, you can retrieve live and archive images to a far away monitoring room, furthermore remote configuration of the devices can save valuable time on your side.

Video retention time according to laws

The world's different directives on protection of personal data also affects the video recording on public transportation vehicles. In certain states strict rules are in force concerning the storage of video records. Walk-DVRs automatically delete the records with those time stamps that are older than the permitted one.

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