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Police Car

Police Car

Reliable backup for police

In the immediate vicinity of police cars such incidents happen regularly that are better to be recorded and archived. Video surveillance in police cars creates an odd situation as in this case the camera goes straight to the location where the endangered situation is. Equipping the vehicles with cameras and recorders raises some technical problems that are difficult to solve, however Walk-DVRs has been designed specifically to seamlessly deal with these.

A moving system is a challenge

Video surveillance in moving, shaking vehicles has never been an easy, straightforward task, as the installed system has to handle a lot of permanent environmental issues that just rarely occur within a non-moving system. Thanks to their hybrid video storage system, Walk-DVRs can cope with the extreme temperature and vibration conditions emerging in any vehicle. They continuously record the video stream of the front and rear cameras installed in the police car. Based on their built-in accelerometer and thermometer the devices are able to automatically switch-off the recording on their HDDs, but continue it on their resistant and stable SSD or CF cards. If the environmental conditions have stabilized, the hard drives then turn on again and the images are copied from the SSD or the CF cards onto the hard drives.

Built-in GPS

Each recorded image contains the car’s current speed, direction and its coordinates. It is always good to know the exact location of the recordings. Based on GPS coordinates the vehicles can be easily tracked.

Body camera in action

During an action police officers are able to wear light body cameras that are connected to the recorders through wireless connection. Those security footage are not only crucial visual evidences of a criminal's guiltiness or officer's legal procedure, but sometimes video and audio post-analysis can help developing operation tactics thus increasing the efficiency level of police officers.

Automatic archiving on arriving

When police cars return to the station, the Control Center automatically connects to the Walk-DVR via high speed WiFi and starts downloading the daily records. Due energy efficiency, the WiFi router switches on automatically if and only if the vehicle is already inside the specific area.

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