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The Logipix system uses a specially developed SCV multimedia container format. Logipix engineers designed LPlayer, an intuitive, easy-to-use software for simpler replay and post-processing of the recorded and saved SCV video streams.

LPlayer is a free, redistributable software.

Easy stream management

The LPlayer is able to replay clustered video streams and stitched panoramic images. Videos can be replayed both forwards and backwards at different speeds, or can be viewed frame by frame. The software can display sixteen camera pictures simultaneously.

Image labeling

Sometimes it is crucial to turn on image labeling to see the camera name and the exact time and date of a recording. LPlayer allows you to turn this camera information labeling on and off with a single click.

Fast search and playback

By using the activity diagram and the motion grid on the camera pictures, searching for incidents is easy and incredibly fast.

Crop and divide

Certain areas in the video footage can be cropped and saved as separate video files. It is also possible to define new beginning and end points, in order to cut different parts of the video and store them as independent video clips. It is of course possible to combine the two functions and have both cropped and cut clips.

Panoramic images

LPlayer is designed to replay the stitched panoramic images as if they had been downloaded. If necessary, the panoramic images can be restitched and their white balance correction can be readjusted.

Tamper-proof videos

The Logipix system uses an MD5 cryptographic hash function to ensure the integrity of security footage. LPlayer is able to check the video integrity.

Free software

LPlayer is a free, portable security video player software, and can be redistributed and installed on any number of computers free of charge.


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