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Visitor management

Visitor Management

Visitor management

Visitor Management software is specialized to manage the reception desk. This software ensures the issuing and withdrawing of guest cards for visitors and temporary cards for cardholders who left their cards at home.

The Visitor Management software is able to assign data and access rights for guest cards. This allows the system to control the authorized entry of guests at the authorized visitor access points.

It is possible to save the visitors' personal data in a database, thus accelerating the card issuance process during the person’s next visit. This data can be changed later in the database and can be parametrized for deletion according to the local laws.

The data associated to visitors contains their name, personal ID, company name, and the license plate number. The visitor’s host can be defined as well. The card’s authorized entry is specified by access points (doors, groups of doors) and card validity. These definitions are downloaded directly to the controllers.

The software is able to present photos of the cardholders, which are stored in the database. It can show who has passed through the chosen access points, as well as the current location of each person. It allows the list of occupants of a given area to be printed easily and immediately.

There are two programs available within the Visitor Management software which can be activated after buying extra licenses. The first is the Card Credit, whereby the number of entries can be defined for each visitor card. The second is Key Management, which ensures the registration of the issued and unissued keys.

The usage of the software can be tailored to different levels of authorization, thus eliminating the possibility of unauthorized software use.

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