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Walk-DVR 4th

Walk-DVR 4th Generation

Walk-DVR 4th Generation

Product profile

The 4th generation of Walk-DVRs is a mobile video recorder that receives the video streams of the latest high definition analog cameras, such as AHD 1.0 and AHD 2.0. The device has a special hybrid recording system relying on the built-in accelerometer and thermometer.

The recorder device is able to deal with extreme environmental conditions. Whether it has to operate in a moving vehicle on a rugged road or under critical temperatures, reliable recording is ensured. The device contains two notebook HDDs and an SSD. When the sensors indicate a dangerous value for the HDDs, they automatically turn off and the recording continues only on the SSD. Once the environmental conditions have stabilized, the hard drives turn on again and the images are copied from the SSD onto the hard drive.


Main Features

  • Hybrid recording system containing 2 HDDs and an SSD
  • 8 analog camera inputs
  • 1 analog video output
  • 8 Audio channels
  • 12 FPS recording speed / channel
  • JPEG2000 compression standard
  • Intelligent power management
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • Built-in GPRS modem, 3.75G UMTS/HSPA+ (optional)
  • Built-in GPS module (optional)
  • Heat sink cooling system
  • Remote video management with free SCPlayer software or with the Control Center

For technical specification please find the data sheet of the product. >> Download

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