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LOGIPIX PTZ Camera Family

Logipix PTZ Camera Family

The Logipix PTZ camera family provides effective manual target tracking within a 360° horizontal and 100° vertical range, thanks to its cameras’ fast positioning and high accuracy. Their image sensor delivers wide dynamic range images with a large resolution. Thanks to the 30x optical zoom, the cameras can deliver sharp close-ups of target objects.

The unique integrated IR illuminators of the PTZ and an automatic cooperating focus system make it possible to provide stunning images even at night. Specially developed PTZ control functions in the Logipix Control Center, such as mouse-controlled joystick emulation, PointIT control function, and PTZ position bookmarks all make monitoring easier.

The Logipix PTZ camera is perfect for outdoor city surveillance tasks, such as monitoring streets, parks and other large-scale urban spaces. It can work together effectively with the Logipix Panorama camera. Operators can control the PTZ camera by selecting the area of interest in the displayed panoramic image and get minute details in optically zoomed images, while they simultaneously monitor the entire area with the panoramic images.


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