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Logipix NVR Outdoor

Logipix Outdoor NVR v2.0

Logipix Outdoor NVR 2.0 has been released in the first quarter of 2019 as an improved version of the first Outdoor NVR. Also this device is developed for on-site use with embedded Video Content Analysis feature, but thanks to its upgraded performance it is able to fulfill recording tasks in even more adverse weather conditions.

The outdoor enclosure of the device is still a massive, IP65 rated construction with redesigned, detachable sunshields.

The thermal control of the device has been also enhanced. Logipix Outdoor NVR 2.0 is still equipped with Peltier, thermoelectric cooling, but additionally it got a dual-circuit water cooling system as well. Logipix Outdoor NVR 2.0 is designed to operate flawlessly between -20 and 50 degree Celsius ambient temperature.

Logipix engineers created the Outdoor NVR 2.0 with a leading-edge CPU and motherboard, providing the required calculation speed for the advanced Video Content Analysis module.

The Logipix NVR 2.0 is an essential component of the Logipix Traffic Violation Detection Solution. Up to four individual Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras can be connected to the NVR at the same time. The device records their quality video streams, and performs accurate VCA on the images. 


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