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Logipix Ethernet Repeater

Logipix ethernet repeater

Ethernet repeater

Product profile

The product is a traditional Ethernet Repeater with RJ45 ports. It must be placed every 100 meters. Using this device, the camera and NVR distance can be extended up to 300 meters. The Ethernet Repeater’s special features make the device capable of absorbing the distortion caused by any surge stress that arrives on the Ethernet cable. This allows the device to ensure maximum protection for both the cameras and the NVR.

  • Description: Ethernet Repeater with surge protection
  • Part Number: LETRH-02
  • Logipix end-to-end solutions with 15 MP cameras, Ethernet cable extension
  • Ethernet Connection: 2 port, 100 Mbit / LPoE


  • Dimension: 76 x 25 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 97g

  • Power Supply: LPoE
  • Current Consumption: 47 mA
  • Surge Power: 400 W / 1 ms
  • Surge Current (4 pulse/min): 40 A / 8.3 ms
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C - +80°C
  • Protection Classification: IP44

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