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Logipix NVR Outdoor

Logipix Outdoor NVR

Product Profile

The Logipix Outdoor NVR was specially developed to perform on-site recording and Video Content Analysis, and is an important component of the Logipix Traffic Violation Management Solution. Thanks to its massive, IP65-rated outdoor enclosure, the recorder is able to successfully withstand even extreme weather conditions.

The thermal control of the electronic components relies on a combined system of integrated heat pipes, fans, Peltier and sunshields.

The high-performance device reliably serves up to four individual Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras at the same time, records their high-quality video streams, and performs accurate VCA on the images.

A high-definition video card of the Logipix NVR ensures the smooth operation of the embedded Video Content Analysis. The VCA plays an important role in automatic traffic violation detection methods.

  • Integrated Violation licenses
  • 5/3/2 GByte Ethernet
  • 1600 MBit/sec recording speed
  • 4/2/1 SATA HDDs
  • VRM Fail-safe File system
  • Intelligent picture transmission
  • Built-in UPS

Cooling System

  • Active cooling system
  • Heatpipes
  • Peltier cooler
  • Fans and sunshield


  • IP68 box-mount enclosure for 1 Logipix ONE camera 1 HDD --> Part number: LNVR-1-1-O
  • IP68 box-mount enclosure for 2 Logipix ONE camera 2 HDD --> Part number: LNVR-2-2-O
  • IP68 box-mount enclosure for 4 Logipix ONE camera 4 HDD --> Part number: LNVR-4-4-O
  • Dimension: 700 x 500 x 360 mm

Power Management

  • Built-in managed UPS
  • Internal batteries 2 x 12V / 12Ah

CPU Board

  • Linux operating system
  • 2.7 GHz Intel CPU
  • Disk-less operation
  • Two level watchdog

VRM Fail-safe File system

  • Instant start up
  • Fast picture search
  • Built-in RAID function
  • Minimized HDD-head movement
  • Maximized HDD lifetime

Supported stream formats

  • JPEG2000 - ideal for multi-megapixel video stream
    • 1/3 image size compared to standard JPEG
    • Scalable quality and resolution
    • Fast image preview in lower resolution
  • H.264
  • H.264-RTSP/ONVIF

Electrical specification

  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC
  • Current consumption: max. 3 A
  • Power consumption: 500W
  • Operating temperature: 10°C - 50°C

For technical specification please find the data sheet of the product. >> Download

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