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New Development

Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution

Our new end-to-end system has arrived. Logipix released the Airport Video Monitoring solution that is intended to ensure an effectively controlled and secured environment at airports.

To have a better understanding of what type of technical improvements can serve an airport within the field of monitoring and computer vision, Logipix made a deep research. We were not only meant to solve security issues, but also to facilitate the work of several departments at airports with a complex video monitoring solution.

That’s why we developed a multi-purpose system. The Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution ensures security in all airport areas, while it also serves Ground Support Equipment and aircraft logistics. The solution visually covers both airside and landside areas, using self-developed, 200 MP Panorama cameras and further high-end fixed and PTZ cameras. It features windowless ramp control, intelligent cooperation with the A-SMGCS, VCA-based object tracking and advanced onscreen labeling functions.

As the system is able to transfer live and archive video streams to various places at the same time, several departments can utilize the high-resolution images simultaneously.

Airports equipped with the Logipix solution can significantly raise their efficiency, reduce the number of costly delays and prepare to handle any occurring incidents.


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