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Logipix Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance solution

The aim of the solution is to protect critical infrastructures like power plants, oil refineries and other industrial facilities from potential threats. To make these environments more secure and smoothly controlled, Logipix created high-end hardware and software components and automatic surveillance technologies that together form an efficient system.



Logipix provides 200 MP resolution, stitched panoramic images, efficient IR lighting for night periods, works together with third-party PID sensors and offers accurate Video Content Analysis to minimize false alarm rates. The solution also have 6 MP and 5 km Long Range PTZ cameras to deliver minute details of certain situations. Based on the high-resolution images Logipix VCA can detect fire, animal, drone, vehicle or human presence where it is not allowed and pose a threat for undisturbed operation.

Logipix is able to greatly enhance the protection of critical infrastructures as the system ensures multiple severity levels of intrusion detection around any objects within the monitored area.

Thanks to the Logipix Critical Infrastructure solution, assets and facilities that play essential roles in the functioning of a nation’s society and economy can be prepared to avoid any incidents.

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