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External and internal threats

As many valuable assets are stored in warehouses, they continuously face internal and external threats such as thefts and robberies. It is therefore essential for owners to protect these buildings. One of the most effective solution for that is using a contemporary IP-based video surveillance system.

Minute details

Logipix offers a comprehensive range of cutting edge IP cameras, from Full HD to 200 MP resolution that can cover every important area in the inside and outside of a building. Logipix cameras are suitable for the effective observation of all areas from parking lots and loading areas to the shelves of the warehouse. The 14 and 20 MP cameras with their 1” size sensors ensure sharp images, so even minute details can be captured easily even from a long distance.

Intelligent perimeter protection

Logipix engineers have developed an automatic, hardware-based Video Content Analysis application that detects all perimeter intrusions within a monitored area. The application recognizes moving objects, and if they are of a certain size and cross a configured virtual line the system generates an automatic alert.

Continuous security

Day / Night designed Logipix cameras are suitable for night observation. If the camera detects low-lighting conditions it automatically shifts the IR filter to utilize infrared light as well, and switches to black and white mode.

Scalable system

Since the Logipix system is able to manage even hundreds of multi-megapixel cameras it is ideal for the video surveillance of warehouses of all sizes. Existing analog cameras can also be integrated easily to the IP-based system as well.

Storage effective solution

Logipix Network Video Recorders provide long storage time. Several configurations can be adjusted for each camera, that can be used for different recording circumstances and different time intervals. Therefore various setups can be utilized during and after business hours.

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