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LOGIPIX Traffic Surveillance

Contemporary urban challenge

Traffic rule violations are becoming a crucial problem in modern urban environments. Logipix has a contemporary answer for maintaining security in everyday traffic. Fast reaction and the prevention of traffic violations are the key to ensuring the safety of vehicles and citizens. The Logipix end-to-end Traffic Surveillance System has been designed with specifically these in mind.

Advanced Video Content Analysis applications

The various Video Content Analysis applications developed by Logipix engineers can easily and accurately detect and record traffic violations, providing an irrefutable evidence for local authorities. Whether it is a fully automatic VCA process or a human-assisted one, the application greatly improves violation detection and decreases the workload in the monitoring room.

VCA applications
  • Stop line violation detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Bus lane violation detection
  • Parking violation detection
  • One-way violation detection
  • Wrong way violation detection
  • Traffic counting
Leading-edge 1” sensor camera with IR flash

As a Logipix ONE camera can monitor multiple lanes, large areas can be covered with less devices. The Logipix ONE camera provides a high frame rate video stream with enormous resolution and wide dynamic range. Thanks to this, object tracking and Video Content Analysis can be more accurate and reliable.

Capturing license plates at a busy junction or even on the highway is an easy task for Logipix ONE, no matter the time of the day. With its specifically developed, integrated IR flash the camera offers sharp and detailed images of license plates in any extreme lighting conditions. Among three built-in optical filters, the Logipix ONE camera contains a movable IR pass filter that only lets the valuable infrared light to the sensor. The IR flash is synchronized with the camera and it illuminates the monitored object on every recorded frame. Its light is focusable in order to illuminate only the necessary area.

Scalable system structure

While a single-site system consists of only a few devices, a citywide project in a metropolis needs a system that handles up to thousands of multi-megapixel cameras at the same time. The Logipix system can handle such large projects and is scalable: in case of a future expansion its structure can grow with the number of the monitored intersections, roads or parking lots.

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