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Under everyday threat

Shopping malls are the targets of many different kind of criminals. From shoplifters and thieves even to robbers and terrorists. Retails are always under high security risk. Internal threats are also important factors. To provide a safe environment for customers, staff and to protect assets, Logipix offers a contemporary end-to-end video surveillance solution for security staff.

The Logipix solution

Logipix is a complete IP-based video surveillance system that consists of high-resolution Logipix cameras, the Logipix Network Video Recorder (LNVR) and a self-developed user-friendly Control Center video management software.

Effective monitoring

Logipix ensures the full visual observation of shops, malls and parking lots. The Logipix cameras ensure incomparable image quality. suspicious activities can be noticed and traced easily, thus staff can prevent and react properly to them. Thanks to the intelligent video stream management of the LNVR, a regular low-bandwidth network is sufficient for video transmission.

Reliable storage

The LNVR storage capacity can be up to 160 TB, while it provides 1600 Mbit/sec recording speed. The Logipix NVR handles both H.264 and JPEG2000 compression standards. Smooth recording is ensured with an integrated LPoE router, a VRM fail-safe file system and the built-in UPS.

Versatile archive search

Live video streams and the archives can be retrieved easily by the Control Center, and it offers much more by its built-in smart video management applications. The recorded footage can be used in later law enforcement procedures as they prove to be irrefutable evidences at court.

24/7 operation

When all lights are switched off, the Logipix cameras with integrated IR flash provide quality footage even after dark. Configuring time and motion detection related recording parameters helps to save valuable storage time.

Crime prevention

The presence of a high tech video surveillance system in itself increases the security in shops. Cameras installed at highly visible places is likely to have preventive effects also. If people know that they are being monitored they are more likely to abide the law.


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