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Potential targets

Commercial buildings are always under the high risk of unauthorized intrusion and internal threats. The protection of the assets and data is crucial in office buildings. The Logipix Video Surveillance system is the perfect solution for this important task.

The Logipix solution

The Logipix system is a complete, IP-based end-to-end video surveillance solution.

Logipix ensures the full visual observation of a building from the parking lot to the server rooms. The intelligent video stream management of the Network Video Recorder makes a regular low-bandwidth network sufficient for video transmission. Live video streams and the archives can be retrieved easily in the Control Center that also offers much more with its built-in smart video management applications. The multi-megapixel images of the Logipix cameras provide minute details in various lighting conditions. The cameras provide sharp and detailed images regardless of the time of day.

Intelligent video stream management

The Logipix cameras, network video recorders and the monitoring software work with the JPEG2000 compression standard. The JPEG2000 serves the basis of the intelligent zoom function of the Logipix system, the self-developed Logi-Zoom. Logi-Zoom sends the needed image details of pictures stored in the recorder in high resolution to the monitoring center. The rest of the picture is transmitted in a bandwidth-effective resolution.

User-friendly software

Control Center, the video management software of the Logipix system is easy to use. As operators can learn the main features of the software easily, valuable training costs and time can be saved.


Since the system is able to manage even hundreds of multi-megapixel cameras it is ideal for the video surveillance of buildings in all sizes. Whether it is one office floor or a complex structure of several buildings Logipix system suits all requirements. Existing analog cameras can be integrated easily to the IP based system.

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