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Logipix City Surveillance

Today's challenges

The safety of citizens and their environment in modern cities have become a crucial problem. Logipix has a solution that helps to provide a more secure atmosphere in present-day metropolises. The prevention of criminal activities and offenses and fast reaction are the key to ensuring the safety of citizens. The Logipix end-to-end City Surveillance system has been designed specifically with these in mind.

Meeting all requirements

A wide range of individual IP cameras from the Full HD PTZ to the leading-edge 14 and 20 MP Logipix ONE with 1” size sensor provide unrivaled image details and sharpness regardless of the monitored area or the lighting conditions. As the Logipix Panorama camera family take 140 or 200 Megapixel resolution images, faces can easily be identified even at a far distance. As large-scale environments can be observed by a single device, even a hundred conventional full HD cameras can be replaced by a Logipix Panorama camera.

Effective video management

Control center is the industry's most versatile video management software. It helps you to seamlessly control the system. The user-friendly software has several functions, but it has a very easy-to-use interface, so you can save valuable training time and cost. It is possible to have many Control Center clients at several workstations, operating in a citywide surveillance system.

Intelligent solutions

Advanced Video Content Analysis applications help authorities to react to any violations and suspicious events in the city such as public property damage or abandoned objects by finding and capturing them. The captured videos can easily be searched, played back, and downloaded straightaway to provide irrefutable video evidences for authorities.

Scalable system

The flexible Logipix system architecture can grow with customer requirements. Be it either it is a small system with only a few cameras or a large system consisting of thousands of devices, Logipix can provide extremely cost-effective and user-friendly solutions.

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