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Casino surveillance challenges

To have a reliable video surveillance of casino gaming has always been a decisive task its industry. Considering that casino gaming is a multi-billion dollar business, the daily cash flow is regularly high in casinos. This amount of money is enticing for not only those who like to gamble but it also attracts cheaters and criminals. Surveillance systems of such places therefore have to be monitored carefully and effectively. Logipix provides a solution for Casino surveillance.

High-end cameras

Logipix offers a wide range of security cameras from Full HD to 200 MP Panorama camera that are able to observe all areas with the greatest efficiency both indoors and outdoors. Our leading-edge 1ʺ sensor Logipix ONE cameras can easily deal with the often fast changing monitored objects, and the dim lighting in casinos. The high-end Logipix security cameras provide a resolution making face recognition possible even from a further distance and also tiny details to be seen in the monitoring room with perfect clarity. Real-time, permanent surveillance without any redundant areas or missed momentum is also crucial in casinos. The Logipix ONE camera produces a 20 FPS speed video stream at a 20 MP resolution, therefore even fast motion appears to be continuous in the footage.

Reliable storage

The Logipix Network Video Recorder (LNVR) is the high-speed network video recorder of the Logipix system. The storage capacity of the LNVR can be up to 160 Tbytes while it provides a 1600 Mbit/sec recording speed. The LNVR uses the scalable JPEG2000 compression standard for video compression. With the built-in LPoE router, a VRM fail-safe file system and the built-in UPS, trouble-free recording is ensured.

Smoother control

The intelligent Video Management Software of the Logipix system, Control Center is able to display visual information of the transmitted camera pictures in lower resolution that is suitable for monitors and is more bandwidth-effective. The full resolution originals are stored on the LNVR and can be acquired if more detailed evidence is needed.

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