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Security first

In banks and credit unions it is crucial to put the security of the staff, clients and assets first. As an extremely high amount of cash is flowing in and out in banks, they always have been one of the most desirable targets for criminals. Logipix can provide a solution for the protection of these environments.

Monitoring all areas

The Logipix end-to-end video surveillance system offers a broad range of IP cameras from Full HD to 200 MP resolution that can cover every important area both at the indoor and outdoor areas of banks. Even large-scale parking lots can be monitored with a single camera as even a few high-resolution devices are sufficient to produce quality security footage of every square meter. The Logipix cameras can provide quality images in all lighting conditions, even during the night. The efficient recording and transmission is performed by the incredibly fast and reliable Logipix Network Video Recorder (LNVR). Operators can easily manage the whole system from the monitoring room using the self-developed Control Center.

Irrefutable evidences

Operators in the monitoring room can trace any suspicious event on transparent monitor profiles and get minute details by utilizing the versatile zoom functions of Control Center. More real-time visual information make the surveillance and decision-making processes faster and more effective.

When it comes to law enforcement procedures, the video stream delivered by Logipix system can be prove to be irrefutable evidences.

Data privacy

Using the Logipix system, security can keep their clients personal data safe. In banks this is especially important, as financial, personal data need to be secured. The system configuration ensures the ability to set privacy masks on any area on the picture, for example computers, PIN pads.

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