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Logipix has been nominated as finalist in 3 categories at SECURITY & FIRE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016


It is a great honor for Logipix to be finalist even in 3 categories. 

The Security & Fire Excellence Awards is a prominent event in every year. This event is the “Oscar gala” of the Security industry to celebrate the latest innovations and developments in the last 12 months. This Awards a celebration and an acknowledgment of excellence of the products, system and security professionals.  



The Logipix ONE 20 MP IP camera is finalist in CCTV Camera equipment of the year category. 

LOGIPIX ONE 20 MP is a high-end IP camera producing 20 FPS, JPEG2000 video stream with stunningly detailed, 20 megapixel resolution images. It has a larger than average 1” size sensor that brings better low-light performance, higher sensitivity and a resolution that you can meet usually in professional DSLR cameras. 

To read more about our 20 MP IP camera, please click here.  



Logipix end-to end Traffic Video Surveillance System is finalist in CCTV system of the year category.  

LOGIPIX Traffic Video Surveillance System provides an end-to-end solution to maintain security in everyday traffic by automatically detecting and recording various types of traffic violations in city intersections 24/7, resulting irrefutable evidences for local authorities. The detection is VCA based, that works with 20 MP camera images. 

To read more about our end-to-end video surveillance system, please click here

See our video as well. 



Cairo Traffic Surveillance System by LOGIPIX is finalist in Security project of the year category.  

As a reference of the Logipix end-to-end Traffic solution, a LOGIPIX Traffic Surveillance System has been implemented in Cairo to make the traffic of the capital much safer. The system has intelligent VCA based, automatic traffic violation detection functions, and it also fulfills city surveillance tasks. The solution covers the entire work-flow from violation detection to creating detailed violation reports. 


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