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Bringing Logipix quality overseas

Logipix proudly announces that from now on our product range and solutions will be available also in the United States and Canada through our partner.


The Security & Fire Excellence Awards is a prominent event in every year. This event is the “Oscar gala” of the Security industry to celebrate the latest innovations and developments in the last 12 months.

It is a great honor for Logipix to be finalist even in 3 categories.

Company Expand

In 2015 LOGIPIX ltd. has expanded the manufacturing area, implemented new technological processes, and grown the marketing and sales department with professionals. In the past few years the company was able to expand the manufacturing area by 1000%, which makes it possible to install several additional worstations to facilitate further product line expansion.

Successful exhibition at IFSEC 2015 London

Logipix has had a successful exhibition at IFSEC 2015 in London, with more than 200 visitors, and countless awed glances at the giant monitors displaying 256 camera feeds at once. The debut of the Logipix One and the new 180° panoramic camera could not have been better, while the refreshed application videos showing some of our recently finished projects in stadium surveillance and traffic control clearly generated some interest among potential distributors, installers and end customers alike.

Logipix Stadium Surveillance System in Hungarian Stadiums

The governing body of football in Hungary, the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) started the Stadium Security Program in which the Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance System was chosen to be implemented in Hungarian stadiums. In the first phase of development the Logipix System was installed at the grounds of six Hungarian first-class football teams.

The stadiums are currently being monitored by the Logipix Multi-megapixel Panoramic camera system, which consists of several individually installed 15 Megapixel Logipix cameras and additional Full HD PTZ cameras which can be controlled on the panoramic images. The system is permanently providing a resolution which is high enough for face recognition at every seats in the stadiums. Logipix Network Video Recorders were also installed to record and store security footage. Operators use the Control Center software to monitor every seat in the stadiums which helps staff to effectively handle any violent or inappropriate incidents.

In the second phase of the project the main goal is to install the Logipix System in seven more Hungarian Premier League stadiums. Since the second phase has started in 2014 two more stadiums have been equipped successfully with the commercial enterprise most reliable stadium surveillance system.


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Logipix Stadium Surveillance System in Hungarian Stadiums

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