Les faits saillants

End-to-end solution – Logipix provides a complete system with components that cover the entire workflow from imaging tasks to record, process and display the video content.

Disponibilité maximale du système – Logipix offre une disponibilité ininterrompue du système comme tous ses composants sont développés pour fonctionner avec un MTBF élevé.

Operation in intense weather conditions – All hardware components are engineered to work reliably in extreme weather conditions, in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

High-resolution visible light monitoring – Logipix cameras deliver 20-120 MP images for visible light monitoring, which enables the vehicle crew to zoom in on distant objects and get detailed visual information.

Thermal vision – Wide-angle single sensor thermal cameras and Dual Vision Panorama cameras enable the vehicle crew to get useful visual information of the surrounding area in low visibility conditions.

Vue panoramique – It is possible to equip vehicles with 360° visible light camera and also with 360° Dual Vision Panorama. Using these cameras, monitoring gaps are fully eliminated around vehicles.

High frame rate – Logipix sensors provide 20 fps at full resolution, therefore any motion seems continuous in the displayed video.

Standalone NVR with embedded VMS – Images are recorded on a mobile Network Video Recorder that also drives the display and runs the Video Monitoring Software.

Tactical awareness display – The Logipix tactical awareness controller provides fast and easy operation even in strained situations thanks to its programmable tactile buttons.

Advanced visual sensors

The Logipix Vehicle Visual Enhancement Solution provides multiple options to equip vehicles with rugged visual sensors. 20 MP single sensor cameras and thermal imagers can be installed at strategical positions on the vehicle in order to help the crew successfully accomplish their mission. Using multi-sensor panorama cameras the crew get 360° vision around the vehicle and thanks to the enormous resolution of the merged images they can detect human targets several hundred meters away. The Dual Vision Panorama Camera takes images in both visible light and thermal spectrum at the same time.

Rugged hardware design

Logipix sensors are able to reliably operate under intense environmental conditions. They were designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, shock and vibrations. All camera houses are full metal constructions, finished with corrosion protection coating. Logipix components are engineered to operate on the field with high MTBF. Their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) complies with MIL-STD-461F RS103 and RE102.

Se concentrer sur les avantages

Visible light sensors

1” sensors for visible light monitoring. Excellent low-light performance and wide dynamic range.

Extreme high resolutions

Even human targets can be detected 200-400 meters away (depending on camera type and lens).

Imagerie Thermique

Des images claires pendant la nuit et dans des conditions environnementales difficiles telles que la fumée, la poussière, la brume et le brouillard.

JPEG2000 image 

Thanks to the resolution scalability feature of the compression standard, the full resolution of the 20-120 MP images can be utilized on the display. As operator zooms in, the resolution of the transmitted images increases.

Video recorder

Multi-purpose video recorder. A single device records the video, powers the cameras and the display, and it also runs the embedded monitoring software.

Fail-safe recording

The NVR sequentially distributes the images among multiple HDDs, therefore it increases the wear out time of the disks and also protects the stream in case of HDD failure.

Rugged display

High-performance display, 12” IPS LCD panel with excellent contrast ratio and automatic dimming function. Quick switch between daylight and NVIS modes.

Easy control

Easy control over the entire system. Programmable bezel soft keys on the display.

Amélioration visuelle par des capteurs haut de gamme

Logipix provides rugged visual sensors that increase the level of perception of the environmental elements, objects and events around vehicles that are on a mission.

Dual Vision Panorama camera

Human target detection from a distance of up to 400 m with visible light camera module

Human target detection from a distance of up to 450 m with thermal camera module

120 MP resolution for visible light monitoring

3840×480 px resolution for thermal monitoring

Uncooled a-Si microbolometer image sensors for thermal imaging

360° horizontal Field of View with precisely stitched panoramic images

Imagerie synchronisée afin d’éviter les objets dupliqués ou cachés

Rugged IP67 housing

Caméra Panoramique á lumiére visible

Human target detection from a distance of up to 400 m

120 MP resolution and 360° horizontal Field of View

Modes de fonctionnement jour-nuit

Image panoramique cousue avec précision avec balance des blancs et compensation de dégradé

Imagerie synchronisée afin d’éviter les objets dupliqués ou cachés

Rugged IP67 housing

Single sensor 20 MP camera

Human target detection from a distance of up to 200 m

Modes de fonctionnement jour-nuit

Rugged IP66 housing

Optional self-cleaning system

Reliable operation in extreme environments

Les composants matériels Logipix sont conçus pour résister aux intempéries et aux conditions environnementales extrêmes.

Composants Matériels Résistants

Les caméras et les NVR sont des constructions robustes entièrement métalliques

Conçu pour une utilisation à long terme

Special outdoor camera housings

Vibration and shock resistant constructions