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We provide intelligent monitoring solutions for specific industries

Our competencies

We provide intelligent monitoring solutions for specific industries

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Intelligence in Vision

Enhancing Airside Safety and Efficiency
assisting airside ground operations with advanced computer vision technologies
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Increasing Border Security
protecting borders with automatic detection, classification and tracking functions
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Protecting Critical Infrastructure Sites
more efficient and fast reaction to real threats based on Video Content Analysis
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Automatic Traffic Violation Detection
detecting various traffic violations with the highest accuracy possible
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Help Creating Safer Urban Environments
providing traffic violation detection and smart video surveillance at the same time
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Monitoring All Spectators Simultaneously
delivering large panoramic video streams wherein everyone is clearly recognizable
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choose reliability 

choose reliability 

27 Years of Experience

For nearly three decades, Logipix has maintained a stable presence in the surveillance business. It was founded by two visionary development engineers in 1996. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the world’s most innovative companies in the field of video surveillance. With a persistent focus on pushing the boundaries of technology, Logipix continues to set new standards and redefine the industry’s landscape.

Constant Progression

Continuous expansion characterizes the journey of Logipix, both in terms of the company’s global market presence and the number of industry-shaping technologies it has developed. Logipix began with access control systems, but today, we develop and manufacture the most advanced surveillance sensor systems, whether they are visible-light or thermal imaging sensors or 3D radars.

From Concept to Creation

From the development phase of all components to manufacturing and factory acceptance tests, Logipix executes every step in-house. From the idea to implementation, everything is centralized under one roof. This approach ensures precise control over maintaining the coherence between individual components. As a result, it leads to stable and more effective operation, especially in the case of complete, large-scale systems.

Specific Developments

For over a decade, we have been following the concept of developing our solutions specifically tailored to industries. We believe, that we can create the most effective products by analyzing the specific characteristics of the given industry and understanding its needs. We can provide more focused responses to emerging problems and requirements when we have relevant knowledge, which can be transformed into explicit operational and financial benefits.