Engineering competencies

Mechanical and Thermal design

Housings for extreme weather and environmental conditions

Sensor micropositioning for camera autofocus

Wipers and washer for the Panorama camera

Fast and precise motion control for the PTZ cameras

Optical design

Lens MTF measurement equipment design

Cooperation in the lens design with Japanese lens manufacturers

Logipix lens design for IR illuminators


Customized low-level VHDL design

Hardware-based JPEG2000 compression

Hardware-based Video Content Analysis

VCA development

Multidimensional Gaussian Background Modeling

Static/Dynamic feature extraction

Multi-camera VCA

Electronics design

Analog/digital design

High-power laser driver design

High-speed digital design, SATA3, PCI Express, 10 Gbit Ethernet

Embedded software development

Low-power microcontroller

High-performance 4-core, 64bit ARM

Intel/AMD-based solution

High-performance networking

Application software development

SQL database programming


OpenGL graphical programming

Client – Server programming knowledge

Main logipix components

Logipix Thermal & Visible
Panorama Camera
Logipix 320 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 200 MP
Panorama Camera
Logipix 20 MP ONE Camera
Logipix Network Video Recorder 4 th Generation
Logipix Outdoor NVR
4 th Generation
Logipix Command & Control Software