About us

Logipix Technical Development Ltd. is a privately held company established in 1996 in Budapest, Hungary. Since then, Logipix has grown into an international company that it is today. We are among the most innovative technological companies in the world, developing and manufacturing intelligent video monitoring solutions specifically for large-scale projects and wide areas.

Logipix believes, serving the needs of customers efficiently can only be successful if they receive complete solutions. In order to achieve this, we design and create all the critical components to our solutions, including hardware, software and embedded computer vision. Our entire product range is developed and manufactured in Hungary in accordance with the highest quality requirements.

Our own, specially developed Image Processing Unit, moreover, Logipix Panoramic and Computer Vision Technologies allowed our company to reach new possibilities in video surveillance. Uniquely in the market we provide video analysis on hundreds of megapixel resolution JPEG2000 image streams.

We are proud that we stand among the leading pioneers in this ever-evolving market. We are deeply engaged with the constant research and development to provide complete, intelligent solutions using the latest microelectronic and computer technology available, while considering the various characteristics of different application areas.

  • 1996

    Developing and Manufacturing Access Control System until 2007
    • Company was established
    • IP-based Access controller
    • Time and Attendance software
    • Walk-DVR Mobile Video Recorder
  • 2007

    Developing and Manufacturing IP camera systems
    • 9.1 MP box IP camera
    • First high resolution IP cameras at the price of analog cameras
    • First generation Network Video Recorder
    • Control Center software
  • 2012

    Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance Solution
    • 15 MP box IP camera
    • 150 MP Panorama camera
    • Full HD PTZ
    • Enterprise Network Video Recorder
    • Control Center with stadium extension
  • 2015

    Logipix Traffic Violation Detection Solution
    • 14 MP, 20 fps 1” sensor Logipix ONE camera family
    • Logipix IR Flash
    • Second Generation Network Video Recorder, rack mounted
  • 2016

    Logipix Safe and Smart City Solution
    • 20 MP, 20 fps 1” sensor Logipix ONE camera family
    • 200 MP Panorama Camera
    • 6 MP PTZ
  • 2017

    Logipix Airport Video Surveillance Solution
    • 200 MP Panorama with self cleaning system
    • 6 MP laser PTZ
    • Multi-lane speed radar
    • 500W IR Laser Flash
  • 2017

    Logipix Automatic Traffic Violation Detection Solution
    • Multi-lane speed radar
    • 500W IR Laser Flash
    • Outdoor NVR v2.0
    • Traffic VCA features
      • Automatic Red Light violation detection
      • Automatic Stop Line violation detection
      • Overspeed detection
      • Wrong way violation detection
    • Violation Management Client
  • 2018

    Logipix Border Surveillance Solution
    • 320 MP Panorama camera
    • Third generation Network Video Recorder
    • Long range double-head PTZ
    • VCA features
      • Automatic detection of objects from 3 km
      • Multiple object tracking
  • 2019

    Logipix Critical Infrastructure Solution
    • Multi level detection
    • Automatic warnings and alarms
    • Perimeter protection
  • 2019

    Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution
    • Fourth generation Network Video Recorder
    • VCA features for Airside
      • Moment of landing and take-off
      • Object tracking and classification
      • Geofencing
      • Virtual fence
      • Automatic traffic enforcement
    • Real Time Decision Making Support
    • LAARS software package
  • 2020

    Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution
    • Situational awareness
    • Collision prediction
    • FOD detection
  • 2021

    Logipix Airside Augmented Reality Solution
    • 300 MP Panorama Camera
    • Ground Handling Support
    Logipix Border Surveillance Solution
    • Dual Vision Panorama
  • 2022

    Following features will be available
    • Vehicle Solution
      • Vehicle mounted 120 MP Panorama Camera
      • Vehicle mounted Dual Vision Panorama