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Multi-megapixel video systems

Multi-megapixel video surveillance systems

The dramatic development of entertaining electronics has already affected the field of security systems and video surveillance.

However, the creation, transmission and storage of quite larger images is a great challenge for the video surveillance including the camera, the applied compression technology and the video recording device.

The LOGIPIX multi-megapixel video surveillance system complies with these requirements. The purpose of development started in 2007 was to provide image quality according to contemporary standards for wide range of security applications at an affordable price.

The H.264 is an often used video compression standard in security systems but at multi-megapixel resolution it can only be utilized with a large and expensive processor. Therefore, LOGIPIX uses JPEG2000 compression procedure. JPEG2000 has been specifically developed to manage and compress high resolution images.

For professional, high resolution movie experience the Digital Cinema also chose the JPEG2000 procedure for standard compression which is now utilized by several thousand cinemas. JPEG2000 provides the same quality with 3 times smaller images compared to JPEG compression.

However, its greatest advantage is the scalability which practically means that the image can be obtained from the stored multi-megapixel image with the required resolution without further difficult encoding processes. This is especially important in multi-megapixel technologies, since the scalability ensures that the video surveillance system built up with high resolution cameras can be remotely managed via small bandwidth network (e.g. ADSL).

The architecture of LOGIPIX forms the basis of a flexible service that satisfy diverse user needs. LOGIPIX provides both simplicity of the installation and configuration of analog systems and the flexibility of the IP systems.

Regarding the installation and configuration features the LOGIPIX Network Video Recorder can be considered as a traditional DVR. It has a 16-port LPOE router ensuring direct connection of 16 LOGIPIX cameras. It also provides power supply via the CAT5 cable for the cameras. The NVR and camera distance can achieve 300 meter by using Ethernet repeater units.

Of course, the distance can be a magnitude of kilometers by using optical repeater of Media converter. If wire transmission network cannot be built up, the images can also be transmitted via WiFi network.

As a network video recording device LOGIPIX-NVR has a Gigabit and optical port via which additional LOGIPIX cameras can be connected to the system. Only the LOGIPIX-NVR is connected to the local network of the user; the data traffic of cameras does not load the company’s network.

LOGIPIX-NVR is available in a rack-mount design suitable to receive 4, 8, 20 HDDs which means up to 80TB storage capacity. This background capacity provides enough storage time for multi-megapixel images according to client needs. Due to the constantly decreasing HDD prices all these can be implemented within a commonly accepted budget.

Logipix-NVR utilizes VRM fail-safe file system which ensures accessibility of the images even in case of HDD failure.

The recorder has a built-in uninterruptible power supply. In case of a failure of the primary power supply, 4 batteries (12V / 20 Ah) guarantees the operation of the system for another 3-6 hours.

Via SC-485 line an I/O unit can be fitted to NVR providing the utilization of additional control functions.

Basically a LOGIPIX recorder manages 16 cameras. The expansion of the system can be implemented by a license upgrade, therefore up to 32 cameras can be connected.

LOGIPIX-NVR has an additional Gigabit port. The recorder is connecting to the company network via this port. The video display client programs, by which the multi-megapixel system can be remotely managed, can be installed to a computer connected to the company network.

Using JPEG2000 scalable image compression makes possible that only the images with required resolution are transmitted to the video management software. Thus, with the currently available bandwidth images can be rapidly browsed or downloaded from the increased amount of data. To achieve appropriate level of protection and to fulfill user needs, the various security solutions should be combined in many cases. In such instances it is very important that the systems should be available and manageable on a common interface in a user-friendly way.

Systems of LOGIPIX Ltd including the end-to-end Video Surveillance System, the IP based Access Control Systems, burglar alarm system can be managed on a common software interface thereby realizing a complex, integrated security architecture complying with today's standards.

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